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Quick Werewolf Sketch by furious-teapot Quick Werewolf Sketch :iconfurious-teapot:furious-teapot 107 19 Werewolf by Romax25 Werewolf :iconromax25:Romax25 36 12
Beanie by Ninjino Beanie :iconninjino:Ninjino 39 3 breaking his own rules by beanie breaking his own rules :iconbeanie:beanie 14 1 Double D. by tehchibipanda Double D. :icontehchibipanda:tehchibipanda 160 41 Beauregard by CoffeeImp Beauregard :iconcoffeeimp:CoffeeImp 59 16 Coffee Crazed Critter by CoffeeImp Coffee Crazed Critter :iconcoffeeimp:CoffeeImp 90 43 Me and my Teacup by CoffeeImp Me and my Teacup :iconcoffeeimp:CoffeeImp 150 48 Well, hi there! by CoffeeImp Well, hi there! :iconcoffeeimp:CoffeeImp 91 12 Little Critter by CoffeeImp Little Critter :iconcoffeeimp:CoffeeImp 103 26 Plane Crash 5 by WeaponMassCreation Plane Crash 5 :iconweaponmasscreation:WeaponMassCreation 8 2 Lost by marcocasalvieri Lost :iconmarcocasalvieri:marcocasalvieri 114 41 Crash site by JasonClarkDesign Crash site :iconjasonclarkdesign:JasonClarkDesign 23 2 Snow: 1 - Plane: 0 by Gaan Snow: 1 - Plane: 0 :icongaan:Gaan 8 5 Sikorsky YCH-60Z Stealth Hawk by Bispro Sikorsky YCH-60Z Stealth Hawk :iconbispro:Bispro 73 11 Crash by Bawarner Crash :iconbawarner:Bawarner 82 4 airplane by Cyrux airplane :iconcyrux:Cyrux 83 40 Plane Ride by cyanidexaddiction Plane Ride :iconcyanidexaddiction:cyanidexaddiction 6 0 jet stream by seremela05 jet stream :iconseremela05:seremela05 6 4 Jet Fighter Robot by illogictree Jet Fighter Robot :iconillogictree:illogictree 21 2 Werewolf Comparisons by LadyZolstice Werewolf Comparisons :iconladyzolstice:LadyZolstice 353 8
Werewolf Challenge
It hurts. A lot.
They never really get it right in the movies. They always scream and cry and things grow but the audience is just like, 'yeah, that looks like it hurts. Now get to the wolfy part."
But in reality, it hurts to much that you don't make any sound. It's loud squeaks. Its heavy breathing. And its waiting for the morning to come so you can run home and look for scars.
I watched the boy walk down the street. He may have been someone once but now his future was sealed.
"We all die alone!" he shouted as he passed.
He was stubborn little bastard though. He didn't know he would turn tonight. The self-loathing prick was my friend DaRosa. He was a genetic werewolf. Which meant, his parents had recessive lycan in them. They didn't know, he didn't know. I knew. I was bitten at eighteen by a rogue wolf. He hung around long enough to teach me what was going on, then a little while longer. He was a good guy, but not a native, and when your a wolf, your territory is very important. I wou
:iconblinddeviantkid:BlindDeviantKid 40 15
The Werewolf
With blood red fangs I release my cry,
Up towards the moon in the sky.
A beast of night I become,
Scaring human hunters numb.
In the forest they've lost their way,
And will not live another day.
Because their scent I have caught,
Them and the deer they just shot.
On the path now I can feel,
That I'm in for a tasty meal.
This is my forest and I rule,
My werewolf instincts my only tool.
My tongue burns for their taste,
Their bones I'll gladly turn to paste.
I'm right behind them, I can smell their fear,
Fear not my friends the end is near.
Dodging their bullets and ripping them apart,
Through their rib cage and to their heart.
:iconhellsquid:HellSquid 251 54
Rearview Mirror by heminder Rearview Mirror :iconheminder:heminder 134 55


theTobs Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for adding my stang!
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