Would you guys like me to do Inktober this year? (more info in the comments)
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By Josh-S26
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Is it gonna be Fruit Salads?

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What matters most for you is what fun you still can have in October. If you still don't feel comfortable with Inktober still, there are plenty of alternative drawing prompts out there like Drawtober, Spooktober, etc.

I personally will be participating this year, but in something of my own twist of things. It's always about community when it came with Inktober (early-years to present). It's on us as artists to create our things as well as bring everyone together in a sense

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I love you’re art! Pls Do!

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This is a decision I should make myself. Because of that, this poll will not decide on whether I participate in Inktober this year or not, but it can possibly lead me into my own decision.

I have been doing Inktober for three years now and I don't necessarily mind doing it again this year.

However, if you aren't already aware, the creator for Inktober has been known for plagiarizing and copystriking other artists.

While I think Inktober as a challenge is really fun, I absolutely do not accept the idea of plagiarism and wish not to support the creator.

So that's why I'm kind of in a middle ground area atm for Inktober.

So I want to at least see how interested people would be in me participating in Inktober this year. Again, the purpose of this poll is not to act as a final decision, but as a possible "motive" in a sense.

That being said, I'd be happy if you made a vote, thank you :3

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I don't really like this idea people seem to have that "supporting this person's work means I also support all their beliefs and actions" - Inktober is a fun annual challenge that has nothing to do with plagiarism so I don't see the problem with it. I'm personally gonna try it again this year, even if I only end up doing it on half the days: it's one of the few things that actually gets me drawing more often between intervals of time shorter than an entire week or month.