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The Dekusquad visits Tsuyu's house

By Josh-S26
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After getting their autographs from the former pro hero, Ingenium, the Dekusquad hop on over to Tsuyu's house where they meet her adorable little brother and sister X)

As icy-hot boi gets vandalized, the panicking broccoli rushes over to save the dumb fish that icy-hot boi knocked over!

As the cubed man tries to greet the little frog face, she is simply too scared of his existence. Then the walking cinnamon roll attempts to tell the cube that he is indeed a literal walking square.

Such fun this piece was :3

By process of elimination, tomorrow we'll be visiting Todoroki's house and it'll be the last house for this fun little series :3

Thank you all for your continued support X)

Also, thank you to SeroTheHero as well for editing in the posters on the right :3
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Izuku probably thinks that fish is Tsuyu's cousin or something.
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I see some twinkle in this pic
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As fantastically drawn as the picture is (and made all the better by this one being at Tsuyu's house), the best thing about this whole thing is its description, especially the third line, both sentences of it.

Seriously, it's absolute gold.
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Ahaha thank you so much X)
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This is amazing. :D 
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X) Thank you so much!
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Why is there a giant frog?
Does nobody in the room notice the giant frog?
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It's her dad lol
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I too would be afraid of the cubed speedy man. XD
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I think shoto has a marker face. 😂

Oh yeah, I'm prepared to making comic that the "mha presents United Heroes" is coming soon while starting in the making of comic.
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I'll hire Shoto to lay on a table for me.
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Funny and Awesomely fantastic
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X) Thank you so much!
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The look on the father’s face. XD
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Alright, what is it with Shoto lying on tables?!
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He wants to connect deeply with the tables to gain a better understanding of tablekind
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This actually makes sense.
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