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The Dekusquad visits Todoroki's house

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After playing with the frog girl's siblings, the Dekusquad run over to their final destination, which is Todoroki's house, where they meet his wholesome sister and the #1 hero!

As icy-hot boi is excited to finally sleep on the table he's so used to and ready to do just that, it turns out it's his sister's turn on the table, so he continues to suffer.

And wouldn't you believe it, the traumatized broccoli is meeting the #1 hero again! He must be so thrilled :3

Sorry this one came out later than usual, but that marks the end of this little dekusquad miniseries :3

At first, I didn't think people would really notice these since I haven't made BnHA content for 4 entire months, but it turns out you guys love these just as much as the stuff I've always been making for BnHA X) Thank you all so much for your wonderful support! It really motivates me to go beyond :3

I may end up making more BnHA stuff from time to time, but for now, that's the end X)
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is... is that... a poster of Luffy VS Kaido in the background?!?!

Mad respect!

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Why is uraraka  Hiding in the vase
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What's next? The Bakusquad visits?
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Bakusquad in PROPERTY DAMAGE... next episode some brave cop attempts to arrest Mr. Terrorist Baku himself... by himself.
Johnny-Spectre's avatar
And not I can see Kacchan being discount Saxton Hale.
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Fuyumi and Todoroki have a table fetish
BaconDrawzStuff's avatar
Fuyumi is so cute!
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Fuyumi looks adorable!
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I like how Iida’s shirt always has a song type theme
And the Aoyama Easter eggs, but I don’t think there was one in Uraraka’s home
TamTammyTamara's avatar
I found a spider thing and a concerned all might in each picture as well
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X) Thank you so much!
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I wonder what Midorya's shirt says this time?
Josh-S26's avatar
"oh god oh fuck shirt"
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XD Probably.
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And finally Shoto doesn't lie on tables anymore ^^

It probably would be too weird in his own house.

Nah, he just already resonated with the table there enough, right?
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Nah, it just happened to be his sister's turn

Shoto was actually dying to lay on the table kek
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This is my fave of this mini serie it too hilarous. x'D

Oh no. Shouto has been defeated by his sister in his very important quest.  : 0
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X) Thank you so much!
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X) Thank you so much!
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