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The Dekusquad visits Ochako's house

By Josh-S26
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After looking through Deku's childhood photos with his mother, the Dekusquad decide to take a trip to Ochako's house and meet her wholesome parents X)

However, the crying brocolli and the human square take their compassion a bit too far.

As usual, this was really fun to make X)

I didn't have much reference of what Ochako's living room looked like other than that one sketch hori made for ochako's economic meal plan. So I just made up the background kek

Thank you all for the continued support :3
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That's so cool and funny!
TamTammyTamara's avatar
The concerned All Might in the window is a mood
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Here I thought that small poster was of Mirio, Nejire, and Tamaki, but the TPN ref makes loads more sense lol Are those images on the TV back refs to the Beast and Smiling titans?

are we going to see a bit of Shoto’s extensive collection of pajamas in these?

Great looking Deku Squad scene here! 
Josh-S26's avatar
lol yep!

maybe OwO

X) Thank you so much!
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Dib's Plan 

And You’re welcome!
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Shouto best table quest shall continu. 
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He will find the most comfortable one eventually
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Awww, look at them, they just want to help ^^
Josh-S26's avatar
They are precious bois :3
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It is now Uraraka's turn. and lol at Todoroki.
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I'm surprised that water bottle isn't freezing on Todoroki's head.
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He's tired to freeze stuff atm lol
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First I was laughing seeing how broccoli and square man were giving their money, but then I recall the main reason why Ochako wanted be a hero... btw what the heck Todoroki? XD
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I can kind of see this happening in the show since Iida is from a rich family. Wait, is Ochaco a TPN fan?
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I guess lol

I kinda just put fun references to media I like in these pics X)
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I'm holding onto this head cannon
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