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The Dekusquad visits Iida's house

By Josh-S26
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After showing their compassion for Ochako's parents, the Dekusquad decide to head over to Iida's house where they meet his sweet and caring mother and his teddy bear of a brother X)

The screaming broccoli is thrilled to see such a popular former hero in the flesh! He even gets an autograph!

The icy-hot boi is still in his quest to find the world's most comfortable table to lie on. And the frog thing tries to use her big brain to figure out the colorful cubic contraption device... she is still trying to figure out the technique.

As always, this was a blast to work on :3

Unlike Ochako's house, which I only had some reference for, I had NO reference for Iida's living room kek (or at least, none that I could find), so enjoy this completely made up rendition of what I would imagine an Iida-like living room to look like :3

Only two more to go X)
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I love how Deku's geeking out. :D
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Like me and how my friends never listen to me when I geek out... 😭😭😭

Llamadramawithfoxes's avatar
I love how todoroki is like not having any of this happiness. Lol
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X) Thank you so much!
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Gosh, I love all this little details I can spot in this ^^

And how happy Ida's brother is ^^
Josh-S26's avatar
X) Thank you so much!
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Gosh I wish you drew manga. I WOULD READ THE HECK OUTTA IT!!
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X) Thank you so much!

I have my comic series, Paper Quest, if you're interested :3
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Ooh! With the same black and white art style?!
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Iida is such a square!

Seriously, was he a cube when he was born!? XD
Josh-S26's avatar
He was actually a normal-looking baby when he was born, then everyday of his life, he gets closer and closer to being a square
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My face like shoto right now
Josh-S26's avatar
We are all Todoroki
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I absolutely love how Small Might is like a Wheres Waldo in your pictures! Its soo good! Lol
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