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Oh my! Commissions are OPEN!

By Josh-S26
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Pretty self-explanitory, but yes, commissions are indeed OPEN now!
I've been in quite a big art block lately, so I thought now would be great time to do this.

Anyways, if you're ever interested in getting a commission off of me, hit me up with a private note and we can discuss matters there X)

If you have any questions regarding commissions, try to ask them in the comments of this post so that others who possibly have the same question are aware :3
Anyways, that's all. Hit me with whatever ya got!
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Enjoy your vacation!

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Interesting, how do I make a private note? ( sorry, I’m still use to using devianart ).

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Go to the profile of the person you want to send a note to

On the top right, you will see a "Send Note" button. Give that fun little button a click.

And uhhhh yeah that's basically it :3

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Probably will get one after I get around to making good references for my characters

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Are there limited slots? Also, how long will commissions be open?
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"Are there limited slots?"

For now, I'll say no. I'm not exactly busy atm and I can't say demand for commissions are necessarily high right now, so commission away :3

"How long will commissions be open?"

I don't know. Probably when I end up being all busy and stuff. I'll be sure to let everyone know about a week in advance before closing commissions X)

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