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The Catcher in the Rye
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Beautiful Canary Yellow Iris In Junes Garden


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Minh Hang


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Beautiful Canary Yellow Iris In Junes Garden

Bee's Morning Flowers

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Sand and sea curve..Westward Ho! North Devon


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Because fuck it.

Paintings and Drawings

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.alone in the darkness.


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Rose in the Rain

The Very First Daily Flower

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We're Nice

Journalistic Portraiture

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Please Don't Believe....

I want to go, walk away, if I'm not happy in this place…but I want to stay, just to know, that you'd still be there the next day….so…what do you do, when you get to that fork in the road, and you forget which way the old man selling chickens a few miles back told you to go??? How can you create your own compass, from a hand-full of mud, a few broken sticks, and the old face of a wrist watch? I doubt you can…. {here comes the indifference} [Frustration visits my Misery, just to say hello…but, he tends to stick around a few days, because he's from out of town…] *heavy sigh* Brooding into my thoughts, these endless


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White Peony

Harmless Anarchy

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Bee with flowers

For Bee

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Happy Birthday Grandpa

"Adopted" Grandkids

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Say it was my babel

Joe's Daily-ish Deviations

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Studio Art -Old- Project


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With every new job comes SLACKING!!!

Agree?! :slow: .... as they don't know what can I really do :strong: Morning my friends? I know I know no one really gonna read this coz I've been away for too long and forgotten lol :giggle: Getting up too early with this new routine…. The only good thing about it is that I get to hear fajer athan!! It's relaxing somehow…  it feels good to pray EXACTELY on time >_< ! But traffic ofc is a pain!! My old job was so close that I didn't have to worry about that… plus the PARKING :faint:!!!! Anyone wants to sell a tiny car?!!!!! Other that I guess am adapting well and soon enshallah i'll have a hand in establishing the UAE's fi


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Photographic Painting

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Self - Portrait


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