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The Look of Love

The look of love
Is in your eyes
The look your heart can't disguise
The look of love
Is saying so much more
Than just words could ever say
And what my heart has heard
Well it takes my breath away

--From "The Look of Love" by Burt Baccharach

Photo taken November, 2006, at my son's wedding.

Models: Bee & Joe
Photographer: Amy Thomas (daughter-in-law)
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So heart warming.... it seems like her glance goes right through him and lighten up his eyes  In Love 
JosephThomas's avatar
Beautifully said!  And exactly right.
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... a look that time can't erase ... :heart: ...
Staar-Gaazing's avatar
There, that look in her eyes "UNCONDITIONAL". BEAUTIFUL.
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That's the best comment I've seen yet for this photo. My wife's love for me IS unconditional. As is mine for her.
Thank you!
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Nice photo of a beautiful love story~
JosephThomas's avatar
Thank you, Laurie.  I hope you don't mind my calling you Laurie. Somehow that seems more appropriate than calling you "Good Lookin'!"
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Hahaha! Yes, Laurie is fine. If I had known how popular I was going to be on here, I would have chosen a much humbler user name! I just got tired of using the same old same old, especially when I would join a site and see all the truly creative or fun screen names of others. 
I suppose it doesn't hurt my self-esteem to see this one in print, tho. :)
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How do you like MY fun, creative deviantART name?
DevilishlyGoodLookin's avatar
Hey, it may not be that creative, but two first names is always a win. lol!
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Really? And here I thought it was brilliant!

Years ago I was a sort of unofficial moderator for an author friend's discussion group.  She writes books for younger people, (the book was titled Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade) so naturally the group was made up of kids.  Since the author wasn't able to find much time to keep watch on the group I found myself helping them with use of the group, and then helping them with Internet stuff, then a little of everything. I also tried to maintain some semblance of order in the group, where arguments tended to break out.

The point of all this is that the kids in the group gave me a nickname -- two nicknames, actually -- which have stuck with me for over ten years.  When it came to light that many of these 12-ish year olds were taller than I, one girl -- Katelyn -- dubbed me "Little Joey." She and I are still in touch (she's 22 years old now!) and she still calls me Little Joey. Most of the kids, though called me by the name that Maddie gave me:  Joe The Know-it-All.

I'm still in touch with a handful of these kids, all of whom are "all grown up."  A few of them were in touch for a while but then I guess they outgrew me.  This has happened with some of my nieces and nephews.  I was a favorite uncle because I would get down on the floor with them and play games at their level.  I was a grown-up, but a fun playmate!  And then they would get older and finally outgrow me. Not all of them, but some. I'm hoping that those who did will soon be young enough again to appreciate me.

Holy smoke, look how long this comment has become.  If I had been verbalizing this to my wife she would have left the room by now. If I had emailed it to her she would have replied asking why I wrote a book as an email. Sometimes I guess I take a while to get to a point, a point that I fear is sometimes not worth the wait.  At this point I don't even remember the point I was trying to make! 

Oh, yeah:  I once had a really cool screen name!  "Joe The Know-it-All!"  There's a story behind that name, but I'll spare you for now.

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Thank You ones again for selecting one of my fotos...
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And thank you, once again, for your kind words! :)
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someday I hope to have a love as beautiful & pure as the one you share with your wife.
you are inspiring me to have hope for the future. thank you. ♥ :)
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A note on the quote "Buy the ticket, take the ride," to perhaps make it more clear how it applies to our marriage.
Bee's response to this quote is, "No refund on this roller coaster ride!"

See what I mean about her being the smarter of the two of us?
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haha! your wife also has a good sense of humor.
JosephThomas's avatar
Oh, does she ever! Read some of my "Love Stories" in my gallery to get a sampling! :D
JosephThomas's avatar
Thank you for your kind words. :bow:
There are some important -- very important -- things for you to know about the love I share with my wife.
The beauty and purity of our love was built over years of both good and bad times. The love was there from the beginning, but we weathered many a storm on our voyage, we struggled through difficulties that many would have given in to, and given up. We remembered always that being mad does not mean that there is no love. Our wedding vows included the phrase "for better or worse," and we have seen both. During the "worse" we continued "to have and to hold."
If you find someone to love, and who loves you, and you make the commitment, then, well, make the commitment. To use a Hunter S. Thompson quote, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."
One more thing. This flower sending tradition of mine is part of my courtship. I didn't do this well for all of our years together, but I finally learned that the courtship should never end.
Oh, and I have often given these three rules for men to follow to keep a relationship alive. I don't know if you are a guy or a gal, so if you're the gal then give these rules to your guy when you get serious:

1. Tell her every day that you love her.
2. Tell her every day that she's beautiful -- even on days that she's not looking her best.
3. Accept it that she is smarter than you, and just do as she says.

All my best to you.
wagiina's avatar
that's beautiful!

every man should follow your three rules! i am indeed a lady, by the way.
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