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KARA Code BL by josephstaleknight

:bulletblack: Actual Name: Shannon Maiara Blythe
:bulletblack: Sex: Female
:bulletblack: Age: 27
:bulletblack: Birthday: 346th year since the coronation of Queen Lutetia (346 ARL)
:bulletblack: Birthplace: Blythe Castle
:bulletblack: Normal Weight: 160 lbs.*
:bulletblack: Normal Height: 5' 9"*
:bulletblack: Normal Vital Stats: 36"-30"-36" (not pictured)*
:bulletblack: Hair color: Light orange
:bulletblack: Eye Color: Crimson
:bulletblack: Skin Color: Mediterranean
:bulletblack: Birthmark: Lower belly, near the navel
:bulletblack: Dominant Hand: Right

Hairstyle: Very long and curly, tied in a single downward ponytail to her right.
Attire A:
:bulletred: Head: Nothing
:bulletred: Upper Body: A royal blue, knee-length jacket with poofy sky-blue shoulders; a sky-blue bra; a deep blue cape worn to her right side.
:bulletred: Lower Body: A royal blue belly skirt pulled up to conceal her navel; a sky-blue dress skirt over that.
Attire B:
:bulletblue: Head: Nothing
:bulletblue: Upper Body: A sky-blue tube top exposing her belly.
:bulletblue: Lower Body: Same as A.
:bulletgreen: Small and pocketable: Several magical indesctructible balloons of varying shades of blue.
:bulletgreen: Long and wide: A magic staff with an orb engraved with her personal emblem (three circles of increasing radius) on top (not shown).
:bulletgreen: Shoulder Loads: None
:bulletgreen: Jewelry and minor clothing: A necklace showing her personal emblem.
:bulletgreen: Other: None.

:bulletpurple: Personality: Wise and learned, yet not afraid to experiment with new spells and magic. She usually keeps to her majestic tower, but will sometimes come out in public to meet with the local townsfolk.
:bulletpurple: Likes: Her succubus assistant, balloons and bubbles, engaging herself in research.
:bulletpurple: Dislikes: Popped balloons/bubbles, having to conceal her belly, ripping her clothes.
:bulletpurple: Abilities: Can cast devastating magic spells, as well as cause herself to inflate, most preferably in the belly (hence its exposure).
:bulletpurple: Occupation: Sorceress.
:bulletpurple: History: Shannon was born into a wealthy family who wanted to have a scholar in their lineage. Thus, they taught her the ways of the world while bringing books for her to read. She soon developed quite a working mind and a well-made body.

However, she had not experienced body inflation until she was 20, when she miscast a spell for creating a miniature storm while out in the field. Instead of summoning it in front of her, she flubbed it and sent it inside her. The result was a very bloated belly and some overstretched clothes. At first, she was frightened by the prospect of her belly becoming very round all of a sudden, but soon she found simple pleasures in handling her soft, swollen midriff.

Ever since then, she had devoted herself to researching all kinds of spells, most of them related to her inflatable body. Along the way she picked up an assistant and good friend in a succubus, who she also taught what she knew just as she herself was taught.

*Measurements for untransformed state.
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i love her is she single?