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Fresh Cursors

This are my Fresh CursorXP skin. Every cursor is Skinned, and animated.
The Screenshot doens't show all the cursors, and a few of the Cursors are Animated, such as the Waiting and busy states.
Looks quite nice with the drop shadow I added in the .PNG, you can force more in the CursorXP config.
This is part of the Fresh Suite I've made.

:bulletred: Fresh Suite © Josephs 2006

:bulletgreen: Fresh WindowBlinds
:bulletgreen: Fresh Logon
:bulletgreen: Fresh Rainy
:bulletgreen: Fresh Cursors
:bulletgreen: Fresh Bootskin
:bulletgreen: Fresh Wallpaper
:bulletgreen: Fresh ObjectDock

:bulletblue: Simple Winamp (by ~Rpeterclark)
:bulletblue: Fresh WMP10 Skin (by ~Juanchis)

© 2005 - 2021 Josephs
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waw but how i can download it ?
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it work with cursorfx??
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Stardock replaced CursorXP with CursorFX, not sure if that affects anything.
It should work I guess.
where's the downlaod button?
A bit late and sudden but I don't know how to work this either. I have the .png files in the .zip but no .CursorXPthemes. What do I do? By the way, VERY nice suite.
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If you have CursorXP +1.3 installed, then the .zip should be a .cursorxptheme file. The CursorXP theme files are basically .zip's that have been renamed to .cursorxptheme to work with the CursorXP application. If you've managed to somehow attain a .zip version, then I recommend seeing what version of CursorXP you have installed.. if you have it installed.
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hi..i download it oredi..but i dunno how to used it..i hav cursor xp..but i can't find ur cursor xp theme ?? then how i can used it?
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There are no problems with the file. If you have CursorXP Running, and you open this theme, the program should say [ Generating Cursor Maps ], and then load the Cursors. If you don't get the cursors working, I suggest going to the CursorXP skins folder ( Default C:/Program Files/Stardock/CursorXP/Themes ) And Delete the Fresh Folder. Then Reopen the skins ( fresh.curXPtheme ). This should then properly apply the Cursor Set.
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oo ok ok..i try it..thxx u
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Really awesome cursors, I am trying out the whole suite, will let u know my thoughts abt the other stuff as well.
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Very amazing. I'm using this with fresh and another theme right now and it works really well. the colours are very nice and make the cursors look fresher than most. Also the size is nice, it looks good and makes them look clean. One thisng, a much lighter dropshadow is needed on the text one.

Excellent work!
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You can unforce the Drop shadows in the CursorXP Config, I added the Shadows to the .PNG's when I compiled the Cursor Set, so no additional rendering is needed. I thought it would reduce some CPU power on the slower computers end of the scale. Thanks for your comments :hug:
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Oh, thanks! n_n Well then, they're perfect!
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This Suite is absolutly wonderful & {Fresh}. It's so nice to see something creative, easy on the eye and New. Keep up the great creative work.
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Thank you very much :)
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