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By JosephQiuArt
When painting a character, my favourite part is actually the hair. Even though it doesn’t have any dramatic light on the hair in this piece, generally speaking I can feel satisfied when I make the hair feels real. What do you enjoy the most when painting people?
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This is good work

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For me, I'd have to say the eyes. I love Manga eyes. The deep colors, the shiny sparkles, the shadows cast by the upper eyelid.
I really enjoy taking my time on the eyes and getting them just right.
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Manga eyes are so beautiful. I agree if you can get the eyes look right half of the job is done.
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wow, she's beautiful
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Yes I agree 😍
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Beautiful art!! My favorite thing to paint is probably the skin or hair. I love trying to make it feel real even if I have a long way to go, progress-wise :- )
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Thank you. Yes skin can be tricky. It’s translucent and effected by the light easily.
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You're welcome and you're right!!
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Nice. ^_^

...what I enjoy most kind'a depends on whether I'm drawing it or looking at it. It seems like my favorite things are the ones that frustrate me the most when drawing, probably because I can better appreciate and admire them when I see a job well done. Like poses and expressions. And contrast. Good contrast is nice.
When drawing... I guess I'll like poses and expressions if they look right from the start, else those would probably be my least favorite parts. ...Hair's nice, yes. But it depends on the character and hairstyle. Someone with long, loose hair would be fun to experiment with. ...When it comes to realistic hair, I think it's one of the things that's hard for a lot of people to get right (when it's too exaggerated or plastic-like, it can ruin an otherwise realistic picture). So it's nice when I see a painting that does it right.
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Yes I like your points. The more you put into something the more connection it has with you. Definitely it’s very satisfying to see a piece of art become alive after spending so much effort in it. Actually I have been think recording a video demo about painting hair. Do u think it’s a good idea?
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Sure. You're good with hair, so some kind of tutorial would probably be a good resource.
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Very beautiful ! :) 
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Terrific lighting.
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