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Final Crisis Revelations 2 page 8 inks

Pencils: Phillip Tan
Inks: Joseph Silver


Tools: W+N Series 7 #2 brush

And now I add another name to the list of people I'd like to work with. Inking this was something of a challenge, but very much fun. Learned a lot from working on it.
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Completely sold on the bottom middle panel...dude, you NAILED that!!  I'd buy a print of that panel alone!
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Very Kind of you.
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I've said this before. I have to say it again: I'm not a visual artist. So, I watch your work with a particular kind of fascination. And while I'm sure I don't fathom or meaningfully appreciate the technical details — pens, brushes, cross-hatching, et al. — I do perceive your evolution. Your work gets increasingly more sophisticated, detailed, and nuanced all the time. This piece would, no doubt, be incredible if colored. But like watching Frank Capra's work when I saw It's a Wonderful Life for the first time in a movie theater — and understanding what was deliberately possible in black and white that's simply unachievable in color — your inking exudes a power all its own and takes a back seat to nothing.

Thank you, as alway, for sharing.
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You're insights are always appreciated. As are the compliments of course.

Much appreciated.
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Some of the best inks I've ever seen. Wow.
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Thank you very much. I couldn't ask for a better compliment.
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A lesson in how to kick ass I see :)
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Well, a lesson in patience and technique to be sure. spent a lot of time laboring over which direction to hatch lines, the best approach to cross hatching and fiddling over which brush to do it all with.

But I am overall happy with the finish.
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It's very tempting doing the things he does to give value and form to things, it looks really cool on pencil.But I can indeed imagine the pain it must be to the inker to work around it hehe

Well if you're happy, and it works, that's what matters.But you're good, man.:)
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Yeah, it is a tricky page to read as far as technique and no doubt other inkers will have made different decisions. I'll likely try something else of his in the future.

Appreciate the kind words.
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You're welcome :D
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