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Animal Man annual #1 pgs 5-6

Pencils: Timothy Green II
Inks: Joseph Silver


Rapidograph .18
zebra quill pens
Isabey series 6228 #2 brush

Usually I wait for Tim to post a page of the annual so people have the pencils to reference, but I do have some favorites of mine I wanted to share.

This is the first of 2 double page spreads in the annual. honestly never thought I'd see the day where dead bovines, talking cats, a precocious animal avatar child and flashbacks in Canada would all come together on a single page. Shows what I know I guess...
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Awesome stuff, love this one!
joltinjohnnylucas's avatar
i had no idea you were doing this. congratulations. i'm loving this book.
JosephLSilver's avatar
Thank you, enjoying Animal Man quite a bit myself.
joltinjohnnylucas's avatar
sorry about the double comment. it looked like the first didn't post when i did it. and now i've left three. DOH!
JosephLSilver's avatar
LOL, it's appreciated. I'll simply interpret it as enthusiasm and enjoy. Really enjoying the work you're posting as well.
joltinjohnnylucas's avatar
thanks buddy. it's so nice to be inking my own stuff for a change.
joltinjohnnylucas's avatar
you're inking this? fantastic. i'm loving that books. congratulations.
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There are plenty of better inkers out there, but very kind of you to say.
crybringer's avatar
Hell yes, sir. Can I say that it's NUTS how well you translate Tim's linework?
Oh wait, I did?
OK -- Fiiine.

Then lemme tell ya something -- you translate Tim's linework BEAUTIFULLY.</b>
JosephLSilver's avatar
Much appreciated good sir. Sorry I didn't catch up with you and Brian this past weekend.
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JasonTormos's avatar
just picked up a copy great work man,looking forward to more from y'all :)
JosephLSilver's avatar
Looking forward to doing more. Thank you very much.
NSN-Design's avatar
Thats a beauty DPS. Can't wait to see the second one
JosephLSilver's avatar
Thank you kindly.
DuckDraw's avatar
I picked up a copy of Animal Man. Brilliant work, sir. Top notch.
I really want to throw some pencils at you one day.
JosephLSilver's avatar
Thank you very much.
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