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[Pixel Art] Minecraft - Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed by JosephineLithius [Pixel Art] Minecraft - Bright-Eyed, Bushy-Tailed :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 4 0 [Photography] Almost Frozen by JosephineLithius [Photography] Almost Frozen :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2051 - Count Arturo Moretti :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 0 0
[Old Art] Roll Peace by JosephineLithius [Old Art] Roll Peace :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 6 2 [Art] J by JosephineLithius [Art] J :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 5 2
[EoR] Character Primer (Timeline D)
In another time, in another place, on a planet not unlike the one we know…
There exists some familiar faces who lead different lives… as well as some faces that aren't as familiar.
These are the characters relevant to Timeline D of the Essence of Ragnarok series.
Last updated: 10/15/2018
Note: This page only documents the characters who are different or unique to this timeline.    
Name, Job (if any)
Character diamond
What are they like?
What do they look like?
What do they wear?
Random trivia
Major Characters
Carlos "Shadowblade" Magnus, Freelance Alchemist
Brave – Loyal – Cool – Short-Tempered
A stern-looking wolf who smiles a lot more than he used to, larg
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Mature content
[EoR] The Paradalis Paradigm, Ch. III :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 0 0
[Fan Art] Bowsette and Company by JosephineLithius [Fan Art] Bowsette and Company :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 5 7
[EoR] The Paradalis Paradigm, Ch. II
    “So… the other Joseph tells me you come here, often?”
    “Oh, yeah!” Kaiya said, handing her ticket to an usher who was standing guard outside theaters 1-through-12.
    “He says you usually just dance,” the fox standing beside her commented, doing much the same with his ticket.  “I didn’t know you were into dancing…”
    “How could you not?” she laughed as they walked through the gate, together.  “You know what kind of music I like best!”
    “That’s… a good point.”
    “Besides… dancing’s good for you!  It keeps you in shape!”
    When she poked him in the belly, he gave a startled squeak and winced.
    “I… guess so,” he commented.  “Yeah… maybe, I’ll give it a whirl, on the
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[EoR] The Paradalis Paradigm, Ch. I
    A fox stood in front of a full-length mirror, eyes shifting from the reflection to the other person in the room – a long-tailed rabbit.  They seemed rather uncomfortable… but, looked kind of… lovely.
    The fox’s friend had helped them into a beautiful, formal dress, the top of which was made of a semi-transparent fabric with opaque, spiraling patterns that hid her chest and etched across other places along the torso, back, and arms.  Is also had forearm-length sleeves and a wide, open V-shape which ran to mid-chest.  The skirt of the dress, however, was made of a sort of shiny satin that hugged the hips and fanned out in a wide area as it ran down to the floor.  Josephine had also been convinced to wear some silver bracelets, a silver locket on a long chain, clip-on ear studs, make-up… and, some rather uncomfortable, women’s stiletto heels.
    “H-how do you even walk in thes
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Mature content
[EoR] Year 2054D - Another Tail, Ch. III :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2054D - Another Tail, Ch. II :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 0 0
Mature content
[EoR] Year 2054D - Another Tail, Ch. I :iconjosephinelithius:JosephineLithius 0 0
[Fanfic] Random Encounters, Ch. V-B
    Daylight was shining through the broken part of David’s blinds and into his apartment, the morning that followed.  And, as if to spite him, it was hitting him right in the face.  He gave a little grumble, feeling stiff and irritable…  Had he even slept?  He had no idea… but, he intended to try again, whether the sun wanted him to or not.  The floor was cold… but, the comforter was warm.  Soft, too…  And… wait.  Why was it moving?  Or… breathing…?
    He tensed up, suddenly remembering how the previous night had ended.  A peek under the covers confirmed what he thought he was feeling: Coloris was hugging him around the waist and sleeping soundly, her front pressed to his back.  Her legs were also hugging his tail, which was snug against her own back.  He didn’t remember doing that…  But, before he could take a second to figure out ho
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[Fanfic] Random Encounters, Ch. VII
    The interrogation started shortly after arriving at the station.  At first, both detectives kept David and Coloris in the same room, Detective Hardball taking the lead while Detective Maíz played a more passive role of peacekeeper.  When it became abundantly clear that neither of them were reacting to the hardened armadillo’s forceful methods, it was decided that the two should be split up, in hopes of getting them to cooperate and, hopefully, give some answers.
    “You’ve been a real pain-in-the-butt for the last month, ya know that?”
    David leaned back in his chair, giving the blow-hard detective an unimpressed look.  He’d never been intimidated by the sleuth’s old-school tactics of being the “bad cop,” but after seeing that even Coloris wasn’t buying into it, anymore… his respect for Hardball, as it was, dipped clear into the valley of pity
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[Fanfic] Random Encounters, Ch. VI
    The scene outside of David’s apartment was one of controlled chaos.  No less than three police cruisers were situated outside of his door, all of them flashing their top-mounted, red-and-blue lights.  He could see that someone had already made their way into her apartment and, from the sound of it, was having some difficulty with someone else who was in there.
    “Get your hands off me!”
    Someone loud
    Coloris immediately let go of David’s hand and ran as close as the police would let her.  Though she pushed against them for a moment, she eventually settled down and just peeked over the officers blocking her way.  She’d heard Ruby… but, neither she nor David had seen her.
    “Help!  Police!!”
    Wait, no.  There, she was.  Being
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Looking for a good, fun, severely-off-beat point-and-click adventure game?  One with a lot of strange and interesting characters?  One with grand storytelling?  One with a lovable main character made of metal?  Then, have I got good news for you!  Ethan James Petty – whose writing credits include commercial blockbusters such as Watch_Dogs, James Cameron's Avatar (the video game), and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood – has released his biggest single production, today!  For free!!

The Knobbly Crook: The Complete Misadventure!

Join the lovably inept O'Sirus, a paper farmer from the Knobbly Crook, as he listens to the spooky voice and bluffs and stumbles his way through wacky and unlikely scenarios, meets interesting and frightening characters, plays figurative and literal games of rock-paper-scissors with random individuals (yes, really!), and ultimately works to clear his name from crimes he may-or-may-not have committed, and become one a royal guard of the Knobbcrookian Guffaloonary!

This release of The Knobbly Crook includes all three chapters of O'Sirus' tale.  This is hours of puzzling gameplay, tons of delightful and incomprehensible voice-acting (spoken in the Knobbcrookian language, of course), and absolutely gorgeous art, all hand-drawn by Ethan, himself!  It's a bizarre, emotional tale for the ages… and, it's completely free.  Now-and-forever.  Because, Ethan is awesome.

So, what are you waiting for?  Join the adventure!  Tell the tale!  Be a little, noseless weirdo with a cauldron in his head.  Play… The Knobbly Crook: The Complete Misadventure on GameJolt, today! (Complete game also coming soon available on Steam!)

(Content Warning: Contains mild cartoon violence, mild fantasy violence, animated bloodshed, alcohol reference, suggestive themes, and crass humor.)


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