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This might be longest description I ever made...

First of all, this is a design for my El Filibusterismo summary notebook. I'm too lazy (and busy) to cut designs from colored paper and other crafts materials.

I have to admit that its mostly random doodles (I guess its my way of expressing myself and shows what I have in mind). Doodling random shapes and stuff are what I do when our Algebra teacher begins to share his monologue-slash-homily during classes.

Back to the topic. If all of you would notice, there are 4 things that are repetitive in my art. Those are my (the what I call) "symbolism's". Despite doing random doodles, I never forget putting those 4 things.

People say that I'm a lovable person. Even though my friends are in a gap, I'm the one who connects them back to each other (because I'm at nobody's side). During free time, me and my whole class conducted a "truth forum" (where all people will say good and bad things they observe at the certain person). When I was the next topic, all of my classmates said the almost same thing: "they hate my moody side, but other than that, they don't see anything in me to be hated because I'm friendly. And they described me as a lovable person. So I used hearts because its a symbol of love.

My favorite shape. I used this as symbolism of my cheerfulness and energetic personality. These characteristics of mine are (according to them) my most notable uniqueness. I love to smile (even my teeth aren't that white anymore) and they see it as cute.

I like to go on many directions and adventures, in short, I'm a person who likes to go out. But I don't go out that often, and I only go out when there's a place worth to go (and take pictures) and I usually go home late than what I promised (since I love to take home delicious delicacies :P). I guess that also puts me into different kinds of trouble. Regardless of that, I count it as a part of my adventure.

Musical Symbols and Words:
I'm a music-lover. Even though the songs are not popular, I try myself to find songs not only with good tunes, but also with meaningful lyrics. I associate my life with songs. And even use it as suggestion for my other classmates. I usually put a part of the lyrics of a song in my doodles (depending on the art itself and my mood). So you'll notice that there are some phrases of different songs appearing in my art. While doing this, I was listening to music in my mp3 and the songs boosted my imagination to draw stuff and things that I reflect from the song (so music is my inspiration for design). Here goes (I'm too lazy to provide the links so I'll give the song and artist):

Love - I'm Yours (Jason Mraz)
Just - Just Dance (Lady Gaga)
Dream - Never Had A Dream Come True (S-Club 7)
Pop - United State of Pop 2009: Blame It On The Pop (DJ Earworm)
I Just Need Somebody To Love - Somebody (Justin Bieber)
Don't Call My Name - Alejandro (Lady Gaga)
Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby - Gee (SNSD)
You're Nothing But A Womanizer - Womanizer (Britney Spears)
Blah Blah Blah! - Blah Blah Blah (Ke$ha)
I'm Alive - I'm Alive (BECCA)
Brand New Sound - Oh! (SNSD)
Oh Oh Oh Oh! - Oh! (SNSD)
Oh My Gosh - OMG (Usher)
You Better Run - Run Devil Run (SNSD)
Solo - Solo (Iyaz)
S.O.S. - S.O.S. (Rihanna)
Let's Get Wild - Wild (Namie Amuro)
Po-po-po Poker Face - Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

No longer giving the other songs since phrases and words seen in my art came from the songs I mentioned. The other songs squeezed out my creative juices and I just drew what I imagine out from them.

It's me (though we're not the same)...! Sorry if the body is not at least until the waist. But I'm sure you can see clearly that she's wearing a cute dress with a matching ribbon on the head. I don't dream of wearing that anymore, but its what my parents wear to me when I was a kid. And until now, some of my friends are demanding to see me in that kind of outfit (not in a million years!!!). So the girl is a child version of me. Even though I made this before I knew about the challenge, I always draw myself as a kid blowing bubbles (maybe because my childhood memories were the best and most unforgettable - and I love bubbles too!). So its just coincidence that I drew myself as design for my project. I just hope my classmates won't notice it...


So there! Its just a design for my project and I decided why not share it here? I only drew as design (I just said that didn't I?) on an orange colored paper glued on my notebook (though red is my favorite...). OMG! I have nothing else to say about my work aside from the fact that it reflects who I am.


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