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Mother Earth


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One planet to live on:
Submission for The EARTH DAY contest by +devPsy-XX+ replace "+"s with ":"s


When I found, and read about this, I thought it was, a great idea for a contest! This is what I envisioned, and what I'm entering to the contest.
Thanks for looking and I hope you like it.

I used photoshop to create :)

This piece was entered in contest EARTHDAY-CONTEST-III-2010

Congratulations! to all the winners [link] :trophy: :)

:new: Gulf Oil Spill Calendar

This piece was requested, to be put in a 16 month calendar:boogie:
to raise money for the cause

by the group
[link] animal-lover-fans

April 20th, Gulf of Mexico Oil Geyser [update]
Its not just a spill; its Catastrophic!

Go to this link and see how you can help out

Being featured here
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Also, this piece being featured here
[link] news article EARTH DAY 2010 - Give Earth a Hand
[link] earth-awareness-club
[link] gina-marie Earth Day Feature
[link] luv2blonr Roses Journal
[link] news article Gulf Coast Tragedy: A Memorial
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Perfect for Earth Day!

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This is the kind of message that we should be seeing. Seeing this made me appreciate that I am not the only one who thinks that it isn't right for us to be destroying nothing else but basically our own selves.

This was absolutely stunning. I thought it brought a true and straightforward meaning. I support treehuggers as well as sending any kind of message as to say "Hey. Look what we're doing to ourselves." I found this remarkable and very unique.

I hope that one day more people will wake up and see the damage we are inflicting on ourselves.

Thank you for making this message clear.
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The first thing that ran through my mind when seeing this was <img src="…" width="29" height="27" alt=":rofl:" title="rofl"/>. It is a good point though, we seriously need to take care of our planet before it's gone. (most likely through our doing) Anyways, this deviation is funny, deep, meaningful, and so many other things that I can't fit them all in this text box! There is only one question that arises in my head when looking at this, who posted the note? Was it God? Was it a superior alien race? Is it simply a psychological mindset for the human race? Who knows honestly, it could be all of them I guess.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
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A stunning image with a straightforward message. This picture makes a great impact, putting the fact in our faces that we're killing our own planet! It makes you pity those that excessively pollute the environment, not giving a hoot about the dire consequences. But problems don't go away when we ignore them; they persist until we lift a finger to do something about it. If we keep this up, our planet could, one day, become barren and desolate. It's really something to think hard about.

Overall, superb work! Great detail and the Post-it note helps to emphasize an obvious message.
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Perfect...Just perfect, it brought a tear to my eye. Thank-you.
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This is so perfect...
I have to share it to other peeps :'D
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Hello! I love this picture and it suits exactly to what I want to tell in my article, I used it as an illustration of my words here :…
You are credited at the end of the article (with a link to your deviantart profile).
Please tell me if it's ok or if you want me to delete it.
Keep up the good work! :)
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This picture is RIGHT! The better we treat this planet, the less likely Terra will kill us all.
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This is a true picture of what Mother Earth wants to tell us! Great Job!! ^^
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This is absolutely fantastic!!
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Daily deviation!
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I love it and the idea of it!
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Great work! Love the concept :)
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That is so true, we should start to listen to mother..
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LOL well illuminati needs to clean their mess as we must too LOL
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unfortunately some children are not listening what mother said.
Great idea and pic.
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your work is featured on my main account here [link] thank you!
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May I borrow this image for a power point presentation on behalf of Population Connection? I'll definitely credit you! :D
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