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Colored version of an illustration I did earlier.

Inked artwork can be viewed here:

Batgirl copyright of DC Comics
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How can I download this image in high resolution i.e. 3300*5100p? Someone please help?
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(whistle of the wolf) 
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Wow, this is amazing! Best Batgirl I've seen!
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OMG It's beautiful!
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This drawing inspired my Batgirl Begins costume, thank you for the motivation and direction!
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I wish this was the new costume DC is giving Babs and not something you could get at the GAP.
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Way cool TDK armor for Babs!  The detailing is amazing!
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Holy shit, that looks awesome! I've always had a thing again Babs' old nylon suit, so I Love the armoured, more practical New 52 suit... Which was done 3 years AFTER this 0_0

You, sir, just drew the best live-action Batgirl costume :)
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I love it! but I would of liked it better if it wasn't for her many abs and stuff... stiff its awesome  but a bit manly 60s Batgirl Emote 
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This lady will beat some ass for sure. >=3
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I just realized that Barbara Gordon couldn't be Batgirl in the Nolan continuity.
James Gordon has a son, not a daughter.
But we still have Cassandra and Stephanie, and hell, Robin was none of the known Robins anyway so what the hell.
Gordon had two children, so she could still show up in the future.
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Batgirl in the Nolan-verse....awesome!!!
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Christopher Nolan much XD
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So cool! Really well done
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So this is how she'd look if Christopher Nolan would make a 4th Batman movie.
Exellent job!
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Please, no. The last thing Babs needs is to be tainted by Nolan's terrible Batman films.

Why anyone actually liked Begins and The Dark Knight, I'll never know.
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Nolan's Batman films were based on the most dramatic stories made by DC comics over the last few decades. His approach to the character is a realistic one, and not aimed at little boys, as Batman is probably one of the few if not the only credible superhero that could exist in our world. Henceforth his "children" Robin and Batgirl fall under such category.

Aside from the mediocre version by director Joel Shumasschel and Alicia Silverstone, Batgirl deserves a new and better live action representation.
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