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I'm a writer interested in writing on the topics of YA Horror, Fantasy, Suspense, and Science Fiction. I also dabble in cooking, poetry, and reviews. At the moment, I am working on four Young Adult novels, and a step-by-step instructional guide so that ANYBODY can write a novel. I like cats, snakes, spooders, and bats!

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When you pull up a story you were working on, encounter a forgotten note you wrote for yourself, and then have a mini-panic attack because you momentarily think someone hacked your computer just to meanly critique your first drafts. In other words, I just scared myself half to death. Mornings, am I right?
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BunnyBat Review

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Recently, I bought the BunnyBat by @A-chan--Creations ( I wanted to leave a review in the only way I knew how, given that I bought the stuffy directly from the artist and not from an e-store. This is, without a doubt, one of the cutest (if not THE cutest) stuffies I have in my massive collection. The design is so unique with the artist mixing materials as she does, the color is vibrant, and the ears are adorable. So much love went into creating this work of art--with subtle details to the shape that you can't really see in pictures. In person, it feels durable but also extremely soft and oh-so-cuddle-able. In terms of the seller--I love that her work is handmade and that she shares progress on her pieces via Instagram (linked below). She is prompt with communication, as well as shipping. Her communication was always polite and professional. I'm honored to get to keep one of her works of art as my
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max sat they’re in his quarters. Reminiscing the day his first mission as a agent for security intelligence agency went awry. Artillery slammed the ground a loud boom following the raining thunder of shells. it was a mistake a beyond foolish mistake. but it was different this time not just because of what tactics the alliance were using but the things he saw. The defense of the Australian coast was a nightmare from the first day but as a s.i.a field commander your trained to go through with no matter how many members of your squad go out.

commanders have risked they’re own sanity at times just to save a single squad member. he got them killed they are dead and you can’t bring them back He kept saying to himself.

taking a sip from a flask of whiskey he sat down on his piano and began to play. one of the few things that bring him calm in this time of crises.

I hope you enjoy reading this.

Thank you so much for the watch! I will be uploading six times a day so you'll have a lot to look forward to :D have a wonderful day!

Thanks a lot for the fav. :)

thanks a lot for the fav!

Thanks for the fav🤩