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Depressing Look At Depression
Imagine yourself in a pit. This is not a simple hole in the ground. It is a deep chasm with overhanging ledges, filled nearly to overflowing with an impenetrable gray fog. In this abyss, all of your senses are worthless.
Your sight is diminished by the afore-mentioned fog, limiting your sight to only a few feet in front of you. Your hearing is assaulted constantly by a cacophony of insults, inspirations, and insight so loud and confusing that you can no longer tell one apart from the other. Your touch is dulled by constant pain, real or imagined. Taste and smell are unreliable simply because; no matter what you inhale or ingest, it all seems bland and samey.
No matter which direction you travel in this pit, you will never find a wall. Instead, you eventually find your way to its center, which is populated only by a single towering and indestructible pillar. This pillar, only about a foot or so in diameter, is climbable and shows evidence that this has been attempted many times in the p
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Art Meme a la Joe by JosephBlackly Art Meme a la Joe :iconjosephblackly:JosephBlackly 0 2 'Cause I didn't have one yet by JosephBlackly 'Cause I didn't have one yet :iconjosephblackly:JosephBlackly 0 0 I R TEH SUX0RZ by JosephBlackly I R TEH SUX0RZ :iconjosephblackly:JosephBlackly 1 1 1000 Pageview for Joe by JosephBlackly 1000 Pageview for Joe :iconjosephblackly:JosephBlackly 1 4
Alta Mythos Unwritten Tales 2
I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I know a decent amount about religion, but I never imagined that Gods could be walking among us. Beings born after the War, bound by act or consequence to walk alone, protecting what they have changed to represent.
Indeed, it must be a lonely existance.
What could have possibly brought forth the infinite powers of the divine to our tiny village? Surprisingly, not that much at all. What would later become a local legend started a week from the winter solstice. We prepared for our meager but pleasant celebration as we had done every year, when we descovered a man on the brink of death in the snow.
We did what we could, and were successful in saving the man, though he was in no condition to do much of anything. His only possessions were the clothes on his back, not suitable for such cold weather, and a silver amulet. No one, not even our town's scribe, could decipher the words carved on the amulet, but we thought we had best leave it be.
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Alta Mythos Unwritten Tales 1
The history books are so very incomplete. I am to assume the scriptures where written with the Gods in mind, and to that level it is written very well. That is, considering it was written by humanoids who didn't even witness such things. It is a patchwork piece consisting of what little those who call themselves scholors could decipher from a combination of oratory and some random carvings.
Yes. All things considering, the Alta Mythos is very well written.
There is more to the story than meets the eye, however. As with any war thoughout history, and there have been many, many tales go unrecorded. This is especially true when divine bodies are directly involved. It is one thing to hear a story about a peasant hero that is chosen of the heavens, but no one mentions the peasant hero that fights alongside the Gods. This simple peasant, regardless of his skill, is easily overshadowed by the presence of the Gods in question. They might be worth mentioning if after the fact, they gained the f
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Joe's Red Ball by JosephBlackly Joe's Red Ball :iconjosephblackly:JosephBlackly 0 1
Letter from the Benefactor
Dear Ross,
If you're reading this letter, you got my
package. I know this all seems sudden, and very
likely confusing, but I want you to have it. I
don't feel bad about letting you read something
so full of secrets because I may never see you
You've always looked out for me. When
others were picking on me, you would be there to
stop them. When I was having a hard time with
schoolwork, you would study with me. When I was
overwhelmed, you were there to listen, though I
know a lot of what I told must have seemed crazy.
I understand. If I hadn't seen all that I have, I
would have thought I was crazy, too.
I'd hoped I could have told you what you
meant to me in person, but we live too far apart.
Physically, you can walk to my house in half an
hour. But that's not what I mean. What I told you
is true. There is another world out there. It's
true. Everyone has been there before, too. No one
realizes the importance of a dream, though.
By the time you read this, I will
probably already be
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Malignant KD, Volume I
Section 1 - FAQ
Section 2 - Ingredients
Section 3 - Stove-top Directions
Section 4 - Microwave Directions
Section 5 - Health Warnings
Q: You expect me to believe that someone would actually put this crap in KD?
A: Nope. But that doesn't mean we didn't.
Q: What's wrong with KD that you would do such weird things to it?
A: There's nothing wrong with it. We're just being "adventurous".
Q: None of those ingredients look like they would go together very well.
A: No. No they don't.
Q: What would make you make something so repulsive?
A: Two reasons. One, because we can. Two, because it's funny.
Q: You won't actually eat that, will you?
A: I know I won't. But my roommate will. He's got more of an iron stomach than I do.
Q: You people are insane!
A: First of all, that wasn't a question. Second, we're not insane, just stupid.
Q: That sounds pretty good. Are you going to make more mixes like that in the future?
A: Sounds good? That's funny. And yes, I imaging that if Hunter lives through this mes
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The Angry Basement Beast
Current Residence: A very small room filled with computer junk.
Favourite genre of music: Whatever's playing, so long as it doesn't suck.
Favourite photographer: Kire-no-Tensai or DrHunter are the only camera people I know.
Skin of choice: The skin of my enemies.
Favourite cartoon character: A tie; "Elkurya" (Banner of the Stars) and "Agrias Oaks" (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Personal Quote: (incoherent mumbling)
Sometimes, you just want to forget what a miserable fucking whiner you are. Alternatively, you want as few things to remind you as possible. There's a reason those 1- to 8-year-old journals are gone now. I mean seriously, who would read those things? Me, apparently, at least to rediscover that there's precious little value in their existence.

There were probably a few that were worth saving, but I didn't care enough to dig through them all to find them. I'm sure they still exist in some format somewhere if someone were morbidly curious enough to look for them; nothing really leaves the internet, after all.
  • Listening to: Whatever is on my computer
  • Reading: Words, obviously
  • Watching: Zero Punctuation
  • Playing: Path of Exile
  • Eating: Terrible snack foods
  • Drinking: Funny-tasting water


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