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October 13, 2016
Kasai by JosephBiwald
Featured by cosmicbound
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Quick exploration of a city I had stuck in my head. I used a picture of Jupiter moon Europa as the texture for the top of the planet – texture credit NASA / JPL. The Japanese characters: "Future" on the right, "fire" on the left.



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The-Goat-Skin's avatar

So Noir. Amazing.

dpcdpc11's avatar

Damn great work ! Amazing

Fortunatemusic's avatar

I really love this one, great artwork ! :)

jose77sanchez's avatar
Damn this looks AWESOME ! Very cool water reflection and nice touch adding that ship passing over it! :D (Big Grin) 
Datasalen's avatar
Love the atmosphere! The Red color works great in this pic :)
EggToasty's avatar
So amazing, I actually gasped!
stixdave's avatar
Awesome, shoulda rippled the water though
Spoof-Ghost's avatar
DimirSlyth's avatar
Reminds me of a LOT of Prothean architecture. VERY cool piece!!
tsahel's avatar
ramdom's avatar
Superb vintage art/render of that Classic Era of sci-fi. Such wonderful atmospherics... Suitable for publication of any novel. A well deserved DD!
NESWolf20's avatar
SkyBreeze26's avatar
Goregous work created an amazing scene
EOTB's avatar
Epic, love the colors
Jenner34's avatar
AislinTheKidArtist's avatar
Wow. Just, wow. This is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen I'm my entire life.
caprikrn's avatar
"quick" CURSE YOU! 

beautiful work! 
WaistcoatDev's avatar
Creativore's avatar
Incredible! Who's your favorite artist? Or who would you consider a source of inspiration for your architectural work? Well done mate. :)
JosephBiwald's avatar
Thanks, John Harris is an inspiration of mine.
Lemures87's avatar

Epic! it couldd be a poster for a movie

Dianote's avatar
Stunning..Congrats on the DD :)
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