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HK-47 lineart


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HK-47 lineart


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Kerra Holt - Knight Errant WIP

Star Wars art

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Darth Snow White WIP

Sith Princesses

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Jaden Korr Glowing Blue

Jedi Knight games

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Darth Revan Downfall WIP

Knights of the Old Republic

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Shepard - inspiration meme

Mass Effect

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New Vegas Grave WIP


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Futurama-Leela - Bender WIP

Works in progress

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HK-47 lineart


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SW - Jedi Academy EP I crawl

Fan Fiction

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Shayera - comic book style

Justice League Unlimited

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Jarael - KOTOR comic

Colored - Not Drawn - by Me

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KP: Sith Lord and Apprentice

Kim Possible

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Jedi vs Sith Princesses  WIP


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Darth Kida - rough sketch

Projects in limbo

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Miss Martian - YJ GIF

WIP step-by-step process

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Disney sketches 1


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TMNT comic page 1

TMNT comic

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Ninja Girl comic page 1

Ninja Girl Comic

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God---- Batman sketchdump 1

Drawings From 1990's

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Batman movie sketchdump '89

Drawings From 1980's

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Sith Princesses - preview


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