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'Then Perhaps She Will' prev

I know . . . yet another preview ;p .

Since I'm almost done inking all my current commissions I'd figured I get this one last drawing for myself out of the way before I really get into the task of coloring all of them. But if I'm lucky I'll be done with most of the coloring by the end of the weekend.

Okay, I doubt there's any need for me to explain what this pic is all about. And not sure why I chose another Leia pic right after the previous one, I just really liked the idea. Plus it's also my very first (helmet) Vader pic as well :) .

You can find the clean lineart here [link] .

******* edit - October 31

I know it's been a while since I've done any new drawings (actually since I originally posted this pic), I came down with my first cold of the year the day before. Which usually happens when it starts getting cold in my area. So I'm operating at about half-speed right now. But I filled in the base colors here (pretty simple since almost everything is black ;p ).
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Say, do you mind if I use this picture as a cover for one of my stories?
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Tig: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hissess*
That is an awesome drawing.

The only thing that would make it better IMHO is if she had the fiery yellow-red dark side eyes.

that would be BAD news: damn straight Luke rage bashed Vader into submission...
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Rather fitting. Leia may look like Padme but she is the more Anakin-ish of the twins. That and the fact that she is occasionally called Lady Vader.
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Very true, that's why it makes sense to me that if either of the twins were to join the dark side and become a Sith, it would be Leia. Luke's too pure and he took too much after Padme to join the dark side and become a Sith while Leia has darkness in her like her father.
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Really great work - LOVE Dark Leia pics (mostly because they work as inspiration for my fanfic!) Yeah, I'm just trawling your pics and faving anything that inspires my work . . .
Whats the name of the fanfic? It sounds interesting. Where can I found it?
The Empire's take your daughter to work day looks like a huge success.
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wasted time? father and daughter?

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OK, because you're so good and all, I'll make an exception to "no Vader"
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Very interesting what if.

Leia looks good dark. From Princess of Alderaan to Sith Apprentice of Vader

Good job
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wonderfull. i love dark leia fanfics.
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Great alternative universe with a brilliant family portrait.
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That would have been so cool if that actually happened! :D
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Reminds me of the Infinities Comic of "A New Hope"
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Hm, nice.
Speak of different turns of events...
But I don't think Vader's sabre hilt fits her.
Still, very nice.
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This is an awesome concept. It really makes one think about what could have happened if Leia'd turned Dark Side.
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How sweet. You know, I've always said that the lack of proper daughter-father bonding these days is what's bringing us down as a culture.

On a more serious note, I love the cloak Leia's wearing. Finally someone a Sith woman who understands that 'evil' need not eaqual 'skanky.' Well, except on special occasions.
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