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Sith Princesses

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Finished at last!
For those coming in a little late, this is part of a series of pics I'm doing turning all the Disney Princesses into Sith Lords. I had to start with the heroines from my three favorite animated movies of all time; Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel, and put them all together.

I still have plans to do Pocahontas, Kida, Aurora, and Cinderella (I might do Snow White, but I'm not really a fan of hers, the movie was just never a favorite of mine). But I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to do those pics, I still have quite few other ideas I'm working on.

And I've scrapped the preview pic of this.

Separate pics.

And other Sith Princesses

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asombroso pero creo que les faltan los diabolicos ojos sith (amarillo, naranja o rojo) para que adopten una apariciencia más en el lado oscuro de la fuerza

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I prefer screwing palpatine in ep 9

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Very cool! I love the idea, and they look gorgeous as Sith ladies!

(By the way, Ariel's face looks like she's saying "Hey Belle, watch where you put that saber!" :) )

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Epic , Hot. Amazing ^^
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When I saw this.One of the song from star wars movie the clonewars.You know when obi wan kenbi goes and sees where the clones are made.
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RAD! Is it ok to share this on my Instagram? I'll list any credit info you'd like.
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Love it thanks for sharing
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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man, I have to say, I have known of this picture for years now. You were TRULY ahead of the curve when you made this.

Though I suspect fate fortunes the bold, or perhaps the force works in mysterious ways, I find it so ironic Disney bought out LucasArts--and yet your picture was here long befoe that happened.

Disney should *seriously* consider asking you for some more commissions. These on T-shirts with your signature would sell like hotcakes to the male (and in some cases female) 20+ crowd visiing DisneyLand.

Even if they don't appreciate it, I appreciate your work here. And I have liked the rest of it. Keep up the excellent work!!!
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Love it, especially Darth Belle. :D
"What have you sith fools DOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!?"
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OMG This is EPIC & AWESOME! Oh you just made my day today! :) Great job & thank you. :)
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Very original idea. I'm interested to check out the others, too. Glad to hear you're planning on Mulan. That was going to be my suggestion. I like the idea of having her as a Jedi. Maybe you could do some other characters as Jedi, too? Have a whole Sith versus Jedi thing going on. Then we could all debate who would win!

On a slightly different note, is there a reason why Jasmine double lightsaber is half-blue, half-red?
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Ooh! Love this!
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It's kinda funny that in 2007 this was made as part of a series of pics, and like 5 years later Disney buys the Star Wars franchise as part of LucasArts. So this picture could have possibly been a sign for what was to come. :P
Also...*nosebleeds uncontrollably*
Nice work!
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I can imagine the artist saying "Called it!" when the acquisition was announced. :D
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eh i wouldnt do kairi shes not sexy lol in the first game shes a little igrl and onward shes barley a teenager
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can you do a lineart for this one please
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LOVE this! :3 Amazing picture, I never really thought about Disney princesses in Star Wars, let alone being turned to the dark side... but it's a VERY fun concept. :3 Also, Belle looks like Bastila, and Ariel is Mara Jade-ish. ^.^ *geeks out*
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Wow. I never though that Ariel, Jasmine, or Belle could be turned to the Dark Side. Bet D Vader is happy about that.
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