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It seemed as though we should have an official update center for the Deviant Nightmares 2013 project.�
You've seen the first one, it's out there now for the world to see. So it's come time to get serious about putting�the new�one together. The way I figure it is this.
A deadline of the end of April for stories. This gives you some time to write a story or polish up one from your archives. �that's also time for you artists to work on some illustrations. With the old anthology it was general horror and people didn't know what the theme of all stories was, so they had trouble knowing what to do for illustration.
I figure within a month or two of the deadline for stories and during that two months people will have time, if they choose, to refine an illustration they've submitted to fit a specific story or come up with something new as we decide on stories and Judges pick winners. Then we have to look at test reading and editing, some of which will happen in that two months, but we'll allow some extra time, so I'm guessing End of May-July for a finished book, hopefully. Then we can start focusing on wrapping up any legal stuff and bringing our creation to the masses.
I'm going to paste the rules in below and update the old entry with a link to this as the official update source.
Before I forget UPDATE I posted a template for the cover in the illustrations folder. Use it if you are going to make a cover to be considered for the anthology. Or just use it as a rough reference of where things go and where the borders need to be. It will show you where the edges and borders are going to be and where the text is going to be so that you can create a cover that not only looks professional and complete, but also so that you know what you submit has a real chance of being selected.

You do not have to be a member of Deviant-Nightmares to enter this and have your work published. Note us with a deviation that you want entered and we will add it to the folder if you don't want to join. 

- 1. Short stories 3000 - 8000 words long. (Shorter stories may be considered, but try to stay within the limits for a definite shot.)
- 2. NO FAN FICTION!!! None! No excuses! If it gives me flashbacks from 28 days later, any of the "of the dead" movies, etc. etc., it's not original enough. Original work only.
- 3. Stories should take place (and this is a very loose restriction on your creativity) during the summer or early fall. The reason is continuity. We want to be able to put these stories together and have people believe, or at least wonder if, they could be happening simultaneously in the world. Second part of that. Use dates but not years. This allows for a better chance of having the stories be related. And it allows the stories to be immortal. 40 years from now without a year specified, people can imagine these things happening in their current time while reading. Obviously there will be some signs of the time when it was written. that can't be helped, but let's do our best. If enough stories come in with drastic differences in time frame, we may,at our own discretion, arrange them so that they fit together in the best way possible.
- 4. Go all out. Don't hold back. Characters in this zombie apocalypse do not have to be good or bad. Desperate times bring desperate actions, and not all people handle stress and survival situations the same way. There will be cowards and there will be heroes. There will be those who take advantage of the weak and take what they have instead of working for their own. The story doesn't always have to come through the eyes of a good guy.  And what of the zombies? What kind, you ask? Well that is up to you. An introduction can easily be written explaining away mutations or evolution. There is literally no end to what you could accomplish here.
- 5. Illustrations:  Go wild. But all illustrations should be at least 5 inches wide in print size at 300 dpi which translates to about 1500 pixels wide. Full page illustrations should be about 5x8 inches. This allows for a bit of resizing without degrading the image quality.
- 6. Cover Illustrations: Go crazy with that. With a zombie apocalypse story collection you should be able to come up with a lot before the stories are even decided upon. Let's showcase the artistic talent of our deviants as well this time.
- 7. Deadline End of April for stories. The clock is ticking. Don't let that hold you up though, get started as soon as you can. Let's kick this one in the ass. I don't want it to take as long this time around. It's not really fair to you guys who will be waiting for your work to be published.
Have fun.

-----Update 2/5/13------

The DNA2013 art and fiction folders are only for submissions to the deviant nightmares anthology, as I've said before. I wanted to keep them open so that anyone, even non members, could submit their stories and illustrations, but I'm getting tired of deleting shit out of there that doesn't belong. So, from this point forward,they are closed except to members. I seriously almost banned a couple of people today, but then I decided that I could handle it a better way. I was half awake, after all, and my judgement isn't so great until I've had some coffee in me.

So, from this point forward, the folders are members only. If someone from outside of the group wishes to submit a story or an illustration, they can still do so by noting me about it and I can add it to the folder myself.

Those interested in the Deviant Nightmares Anthology should be reading the rules anyway and watching us at the very least for updates on it.

Sorry to those of you who have been following the rules, but I actually found a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in there today and it was obviously from someone who was just submitting to any folder they could and had utter disregard for the group, since A. we don't accept fan art, and B. the person had submitted something to both folders.

One last important thing to add is that off site submissions are coming through now for the Deviant Nightmares Anthology, and we're accepting them this time. So it might be a good idea, if you have something on the back burners for this project, that you kick it into gear and get cooking. I would like to keep this largely a deviant art project, but right now I'm getting more submissions from off-site. And I'm going to be inclined, as the deadline approaches, to just go with some of those really good submissions, rather than just extend the deadline again.

I want to help you guys, but to a certain extent you have to help yourselves as well.

© 2012 - 2022 joseph-sweet
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Are you still accepting art deadline?
joseph-sweet's avatar
We're still accepting art and fiction until we get what we need. No idea how long that will take. :D
If you know people who are interested, spread the word. 
DougSQ's avatar
I dont understand how to submit you the artwork
i have high res art but i dont want it public
for people to download,i want only you to have it
for the book do you have special email area to post
i can give you a link for you to download.
joseph-sweet's avatar
If you want, you can send it to forsakenpress@gmail.com but if you also want, you could submit it here, and just restrict the viewable size and add a deviantart watermark to it so it cannot be stolen if that is a concern. Those are options you see when you submit a deviation.
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I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the invite :)
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MissBoomstick's avatar
Almost finished my entry, I look forward to reading the other stories.
joseph-sweet's avatar
All of them may not appear on DA as I'm getting offsite entries, but they'll of course be in the book.
MissBoomstick's avatar
How many entries will make it in the book do you know?
I've told friends about it so hopefully you'll get a few more sent your way. One of them in fact said he messaged you around Christmas time.
joseph-sweet's avatar
If I got the message, I'm sure I messaged him back, but sometimes I don't get them. Occasionally my responses are delayed by a couple of weeks. We're probably going to put 12-14 stories in.
MissBoomstick's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. Yeah he said you messaged back.
Anyway I've finally finished my entry!
I'm gunna read through it and submit it in the next few days.
betwixtthepages's avatar
:eager: I'm working quickly to finish up the piece I want to submit for this. Hopefully I can make it by Feb 28th. ^.^
joseph-sweet's avatar
I may extend the deadline a bit. I have pieces coming in from outside of DA now as well. Stuff people are sending to the forsaken press address. If you end up needing more time, let me know.
betwixtthepages's avatar
Will do. I plan on working on it tonight and tomorrow, as I'm off--hopefully I can get it done by then. ^.^
joseph-sweet's avatar
I'm hoping to finish something and get it in there as well. I have a bunch of stories that I could use, but I was planning on using those for my own project. I just wrote close to ten thousand words today in a new novel though, so my brain seems to be in a different place at the moment.
betwixtthepages's avatar
Yeesh. I don't have the brain power to write novels at this point in my life. Hopefully that'll change one day. Congrats on the number, though! That's pretty epic for a day's work!
joseph-sweet's avatar
I'm getting so, if I'm inspired, I can write 5 or 6 thousand in one sitting. Took me five or six hours and a couple of breaks to do ten. It's not like I do that every day though. I wish.
betwixtthepages's avatar
Ahaha, well still, that's more than I can usually accomplish in a sitting. ^.^
joseph-sweet's avatar
meh, keep writing., you'll get there. most people have more real life distractions than me though. :)
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Hmm, I have a zombie story...or two. Sounds interesting.
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NaNoWriMo is over - Zombie-date-shopping-survival story underway...
joseph-sweet's avatar
I finished my nanowrimo novel. over 60,000 words. How did yours go?
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