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Monster by chubararr nudo 4 triptico B by eugeniapetre

Mature Content

Nudo in poltrona by insulla
Paesaggio onirico by insulla
:thumb69940389: Burden. by miltongravy In progress1 by sanchezartwerk Flight 3, Somnio by ChrisPanatier
the city 7 by sharupalimar Huddled by BRipin imparcial by enjambre
:thumb59631546: :thumb52049802: Poppies by lapoall Hiro by nobock
:thumb55405012: Easterisland Dreamscape by red-lights the river by sharupalimar
:thumb57805689: Nyx by childoftheuniverse Dreamscape 2 by arguspanoptes Sol by Nihayla
teleco by CSISMAN :thumb60877580: Passing Through by chubararr talking within by chintamani88
:thumb39292160: infinitumarin by dushky Cometa by insulla mememememem by CSISMAN
Beyond the hills by andreuccettiart Wildlife analysis by hermocrates :thumb25209935: absolutely me by r-ozgur
SiMalakasAtMagandaTheory by gromyko :thumb51252994: :thumb28981006: no-z by CSISMAN by carlchristopher unp.1 by randdy :thumb44951585: :thumb44399485:
The Struggle by liquidclouds Rosas by Campo-Diaz Razzle Dazzle 2 by dilsan 'The misted glass' by ogayar00
:thumb41350666: :thumb13829929: Creeping Death by Lameneshma :thumb40449058:
pangalactic gargleblaster drop by brined-up untitled_altered digitally by brined-up the truth of jakob... by pezoid :thumb37741912:
The Climax by Chaosgoat :thumb38014863: Winter Night by asher27

Mature Content

Salty Bitch by amnios

RED ADAN by davislisboa Sunset by helloromantic Under an October Moon by LyingWithLullabies colin's room by yeeng
:thumb39200236: :thumb39249666: Of Heaven and Hell by MarkofAsh leaving the field by eightoutside
epidemic by eightoutside :thumb38805725: mechanical death by iceblizzard021 :thumb33805682:
:thumb33148842: 'Caos' by ogayar00 :thumb28938724: Hope by nighty
:thumb20082823: Storm by thelastknght Forge by stigmatattoo .zigOta by niGHTpiSces
:thumb13786771: :thumb17686375: Quanta II by stigmatattoo
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I am little by little going through and checking out the other featured artist and was surprised to notice I am posted next to Milton Gravy [link] one of my favorites on this site. How cool is that!
amyhooton's avatar
Great collection of work and found a few new people to watch! Thank you Chu!
enjambre's avatar
holaaaa! qué es esto? hay un trabajo mio ahiiii, me encantó verlo junto a tantos colores y composiciones preciosas =)

saludos hacia argentina desde Chile!
Nihayla's avatar
Thanks for your positivity and your amaziness . I haven't picked up a paintbrush in months ... I feel overwhelmed and grateful . I just realize what I am missing!
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There are some absolutely phenomenal features here. :)
san-dro's avatar
this is the best news i have ever seen
paintspills's avatar
one suweet collection! i like :aww:
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josemariacasas's avatar
thank you for your amazing works!!
sanchezartwerk's avatar
nice collection thanks for including me.
Campo-Diaz's avatar
Gracias por incluir uno de mis trabajos en esta preciosa selección. Realmente hay mucho talento por aquí.

BRipin's avatar
Thank you for selection Huddled for your collection. Funny, when I looked at it when your collection was first posted, I missed my own work completely. Thanks for suggesting that I take a second look. I love to look at these digests, as they never fail to introduce me to new amazing artists. Barrie
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So many of these are so wonderful!
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Tremenda colleccion... muy buena gracias por compartir.
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wow que rapidez hehe :D
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You are right! I do love it! Gorgeous collection of work! I'll have to come back later to look at all the work properly!
josemariacasas's avatar
we will be waiting, thanks for the fav!
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Wonderful collection. THanks for the feature too!
josemariacasas's avatar
nothing to thank about.. i really enjoy and like your works ;)
josemariacasas's avatar
if you like it please digg it here.. [link]

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