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June 14, 2010
0412 by *chu- is a bursting shower of energy, encompassing colours and a rich effervescence that can be found in the most inspiring of natural elements; an electrifying piece, through and through.
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"Untitled" - Acrylic and Barnish on Wood - 80x80- September, 2009
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Monaco29's avatar
Very intersting textures and technique! Great work!
Fenfolio's avatar
WOW, I love it!
zebra45's avatar
a brilliant storm you have captured
mari-a's avatar
wow, incredible colours and texture.
TpncT's avatar
wow in not into abstract art but I would definitely love to have this in my room
it's magnetic ♥
hajooore's avatar
i really like this .. :heart: .. ! ~
marilysoucy's avatar
love the mixture of colors
CuckooBanana's avatar
Klara999's avatar
This looks... I don't know.. like something from space ! it's amazing !
boxofpeaches's avatar
I'm really struck by the colors and textures. Beautiful work! :)
very inspiring.
makes me feel as if i should seize the day
MadGeneticist's avatar
I see a giant and a dragon arguing over a child on a hill.

But I'm just cloud-watching. This is beautiful.
josemariacasas's avatar
i can see the dragon to :)
Haru01's avatar
Wow! I love this because it has contrast from light to dark color's. Keep up the good work.
7ucille's avatar
Lovely work here. Nicely done!
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fanatikerstudios's avatar
Color for the sake of color... love it.
Marco-Island's avatar
I love the dreamy feel! You can almost make out a landscape in there; love your sublte touch <3
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