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Also my money’s on OPTIMUS THE FREAKIN PRIME (I smell Johnny Flash)

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With the power of the former primes and the killer instincts of a extra terrestrial hunter, this is gonna be a good fight. B-)

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Best Crossover Ever!

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his armor can't be damage by claws but the acid blood can!

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Before the Fight

Optimus: one shall stand one shall fall

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Holy moly!, optimus prime vs an xenomorph also known as the Alien, now that is Epic!
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Okay first off: AWSOME!!! 
Second: I really like the design of Optimus, he looks like a combination of G1 and Prime.

Though i I think you forgot to add the queen’s other set of smaller arms. 
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And that is a follow...
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So cool~! Optimus Prime is gonna win for sure.
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That's epic!
Although, my money is on Optimus!
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Nice knowin' ya, Queenie.
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Transformers versus Aliens.
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My money is on Optimus. 
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Dammm this is awesome
Question. Would the Queen be able to infect Optimus?
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Might be possible, you remember that Alien was in Mortal Kombat X
I never played Mortal Kombat X.
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I don’t think so because the face huggers inject the eggs into a persons or animals mouth to make the alien burst out of their chest but the host of these eggs probably has to be organic...
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