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Freddy Faztale page 17
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Published: April 27, 2017
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waterpfish's avatar
Is that purple guy is smilling
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ZackWriter23's avatar
especially that guy.
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Ausans8080|Hobbyist Artist
Could that lollipop be poison?..
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0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
0ArmoredSoul0|Professional General Artist
Thank goodness for Sans, he gets the bad vibes and goes HEEEEEELLLLL NO.
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EnderEmpire's avatar
Sans is 11/10 Dunkle.

Also Toriel would turn the place to fires..LITERAL FIRES...Maybe even hellfire.
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DJWOLF2701's avatar
DJWOLF2701|Hobbyist Photographer
on the third panel

not-so-subtle foreshadowing
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MettatonIsFab's avatar
MettatonIsFab|Hobbyist General Artist
Go on, Frisk!

No, I mean like, GO. LIKE, GO NOW.
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WorldWalker128's avatar
With a smile like that, I have to wonder if this guy is distantly related to the skeleton-monster species. Or maybe cheshire cats, given that he's purple, too.
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pjsansy's avatar
pjsansy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's just that he's a serial child killer
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pocketsans595's avatar
pocketsans595|Student Digital Artist
GOOD advice

at the end OOH pinata
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TheNewQueenOfGames's avatar
TheNewQueenOfGames|Hobbyist General Artist
My dear, sadistic, Afton.

Please, my good man,

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DemonicWolfGirl1's avatar
DemonicWolfGirl1|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sans says this but...he did the same exact thing when Frisk was underground.
He was all like 'Don't ya know how to greet a new pal?' and I was like 'uh yeah...I kick them in the nuts and run off because STRANGER DANGER!'

AND he offered to buy us seriously...only difference here is that the Purple guy is a security guard...if anything he is MORE TRUSTWORTHY, because he is an authority figure.
But still...after Flowey Frisk is as dumb as a bag of rocks...
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CutieEevee1's avatar
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UndertaleLilly's avatar
Omg this gave me goosebumps and now I'm thinking how sans would react to bendy and the ink machine or frisk in tattle tail
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Ask-Torrythewolf's avatar
Idk why but it sounded like this in the sight - power of 3 - warrior cats series
Jayfeather icon  Great. lets gather all the useless cats and hope a tree falls on them
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TheNewQueenOfGames's avatar
TheNewQueenOfGames|Hobbyist General Artist
My sister would know what you're talking about.
I feel like you'd get on.
She loves warriors.
We are currently warring about what colour Cloudtail's eyes are.
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All54321's avatar
All54321|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm confused.
(I read the series)
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Ask-Torrythewolf's avatar
:/ Lionblaze would rekt pg so hard <img src="about:blank"> Jayfeather icon Dovewing Icon
sorry hollyleaf u ain't power of 3 r.i.p
Hollyleaf pixel Icon Christmas Holly medium emoticon 
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ShadowBloodTheDragon's avatar
ShadowBloodTheDragon|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
purple guy if you touch a hair on Frisk's head the whole UNDERGROUND will MURDER you... my my how the tables have TURNED
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AmagyDragon25's avatar
*distress noises intensifies to 100%!
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MercenaryX's avatar
Purple guy, you really have to understand what you are getting into.
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LadySolonna's avatar
Have you watched any theory on this guy? He's f*cking mental without Undertale mixed in this joint
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MercenaryX's avatar
Oh yeah he's completely mental but that doesn't mean he's as dangerous as any of the undertale characters. For the love of God have you tried to beat Sans on a genocide run? And then there's the fact that purple guy could even not be human. Mostly because the canonical ending is the one where he gets his brain scooped out in the robots take over his body. Oh yeah spoilers. But now we're getting another game coming out for Five Nights at Freddy.
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