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Much better than the Shia LeBouff movies!

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:( (Sad) Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! :( (Sad) 
The ending! The ending makes me so sad! :(
I wasn't a goodbye, it was a "see you later".
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Okay, I have seen the movie and it's amazing! This artwork may have been made before the movie was released, but man it does hit right in the feels and it captures what the movie mostly is. :D
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'...Power Xtreme...' WHOOPS, WRONG FRANCHISE!

Just saw the movie today - definitely an improvement over Age of Extinction and The Last Knight! :D And how adorable is this? :aww:
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this is why you here,bee
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This is perfect! I am so hyped for this movie!
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Man I can’t wait to see this movie
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Just looking at this makes me think in the film that it will show bee that not all human's are bad.
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I just hope this will be better than old Witwicky.
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I have hopes that this will be the Third BEST Transformers Movie! 
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Yay same! can't wait for it!
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Awesome. Can't wait for the film
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This first Transformers movie that isn't directed by Michael Bay and it already has a better story 
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The best thing about this movie is that we're FINALLY getting all the cute Bumblebee and human interaction scenes that, until this point, I've only ever read in fanfiction! Love :happybounce:

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Wow! Just watched the trailer, super hyped for this movie! I'm so glad Bee has the circle mouth and not the weird mustache Pinkie Mustache 
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"Lemme tell you something, son.

A driver don't pick the car.

Car'll pick the driver.

It's a mystical bond between man and machine.</b>

Of course, this time, it's more than just a sales pitch...
Damn.  That made me tear up just a bit.

1) Because you’re exactly right.  When I read Charbee, it gets me right in the heart.

2) Because even though Bumblebee is no longer part of Bayformers, Bernie Mac’s voice over is nice tribute to the late actor.
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Bumblebee literally has been my favorite since childhood!!! Ahh I can't wait!!
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Can't wait for this movie to come out soon.

Bumblebee is my favourite character. ^_^
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