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My digital drawing of The King of Monsters:  I wanted him to be seated in the Iron Throne so i made one for him made out of the rubble of the city. 
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Long live the King! This picture is badass!

You're drawing was put on top of my cake

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That's the King all right.

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Greatest. Idea. Ever. Period.
Couldn't have done better myself
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And who are you, the proud lord said that i must bow so low?
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Puts the Iron Throne to shame.
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Godzilla, the First of His Name,King of the Monsters,the Titans and the First Gods,Lord of the 20 Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.
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A suitable throne for Godzilla.
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Long live the King
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i found now thos fantastic work i search long time for it
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That is one badass moment!!
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Thank you, but...that's not my art.
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Just an fyi, your art is being used on a tshirt that is being sold. Thought you should know. 
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This is epic. Shocked Eddsworld Tom [7] Eddsworld Edward Gold [1] Perrokk   
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What else can be said?

He IS the king.....

Godzilla sunglasses icon. 
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Godzilla, the Only of His name, the King of the Monsters. 
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Now that is amazing. It's perfect for the "king of monsters!"
 The Emperor of King of the Monsters.
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He's truly the king of the monsters
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