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Copyright Notice - what is copyright?

© 2006-2021 Josefine Jönsson

No commercial use without a licensing agreement from me.

Please, no use for RPGs, in photomanipulations or for photoshop practice. No use for blog layouts or as a facebook/social media profile photo.

If you decide to share the image (on your blog/tumblr/ect), please credit me and the team. That would mean a lot to me!
Thanks a lot, Josefine.

Accept that my work is NOT stock photography, this means that I don't give permission for manipulating/editing my photos.
If you see my work being used, please email/note me.



I really appreciate your comments, but please write in English.

How can I support your work?
-Best way is to buy prints and calendars here:

Can I modify, use your photography for manipulations?
- No. My photography are not stock photos! There are plenty of good stock photographers out there, please look for their work instead!

How do you find your models?
- Friends, agencies, social networking.

Can I use your photos for a character when I roleplay?
- I would appreciate if you do Not, thanks.

Book covers:
Cat Clarke - Entangled.
Adam Creed - Kwetsbare vrouw
Cat Patrick - Forgotten
Mari Jungstedt - The dead of Summer
Chevy Stevens - Onwetend
Håkan Nesser - The inspector and silence
Håkan Nesser - Woman with a birthmark
C.J Daugherty - Night School
Nelle Davy - The Legacy of Eden
Gina Blaxill - Forget me never
Cat Patrick - Forgotten Polish version
Quentin Bates - Cold comfort
Anita Hughes - The beach holiday
Katherine Webb - Det du ikke ser
Karin Slaughter - Genadeloos
Carla Buckley - Die Luft, die du atmest
CJ Daugherty - Night school heritage (french)
Rachel Caine - Devil's bargain
Walter Greatshell - Gefangen in harmony
CJ Daugherty - Night school (German)
CJ Daugherty - Night school (Spanish)

Marquis Magazine - Portfolio feature
Bizarre Magazine - Double trouble (cover and spread)
SYN magazine - On the run
Rebelicious magazine, issue 10, Under wood
M magazine - retouch for Jakob Dahlström
Kultur Magazine - December issue, Josefine Jönsson
Rebelicious magazine - issue 10, spread
Licked issue 7 - Viola Lahger
Rebelicious magazine - Sister Sinister
Innovated magazine - interview
KISMET magazine - Careless wonder
Rebelicious magazine - Under Wood
Vision magazine - cover
Meuse Magazine - life is calling you
Kultur Magazine - Insanitea
Bizarre february issue - cover and spread,
Rabid magazine - cover, Elegy Ellem
Divine magazine - cover
DZMAGZ ISSUE 12 - interview
Kultür may, 2012- interview
Zombie Girl Magazine - Tea time
Kirameki fall issue - Cover and spread with Elegy Ellem
Meuse Magazine - life is calling you
Kultur Magazine - Kwipi Lovebite
Retribution magazine - Spread and cover with Roswell Ivory
Kultur magazine - Spread with Elegy Ellem, Starfucked and Miss Loulou
Tempress Magazine - Sister Sinister
Rebelicious magazine - Queen of hearts-spread (Tea Time)
Xpressions magazine - Elegy Ellem

Can I draw any of your photos?
- Yes, you can use them for references for drawings, but NON-PROFIT.

What equipment do you use?
- I use Sony A7II with 85mm (canon 50mm 1.4 and 24-70mm)

I usually go by the name Bloddroppe, or Josefine Jonsson, josefinejonssonphoto, if you find my photos under another username they are used without my permission. Please tell me then.

Which program do you use for editing your photos?
- I use photoshop 2021

Have you gone some photography class or are you selftaught?
- I am mainly selftaught and been photographing for 15 years. I have also atteneded two years at Gamleby Fotoskola for editorial and commercial photography.

Why haven't you replied to my comments, notes, mails?
- I read all of your comments and notes, and I appreciate them with my whole heart, but sometimes I forget as I don't always have the time to answer right ahead. 

If I did not replied to your note, please write to me again!
© 2013 - 2021 josefinejonssonphoto
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Mikcor's avatar
Beautiful creative figure photography
bizonul1960's avatar
I kiss your hand ! I's a very beautiful model ! You made excelent photos !
monochromatic13's avatar
*sigh* oh how I wish.
147CombatMedic's avatar
Woo Hoo!  :w00t:

Going to be oh so hard to choose though!  =D
I really like some of the backgrounds in your photography. Are most/all of them taken in Stockholm? Some of the settings in nature are wonderful. 
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
Yeah, both in Stockholm and south of Sweden.
Unidad26's avatar
Impresive sr, tons of great models, lots of work, the only part i dont get is the commisions thingy.
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar

By commission I mean to book me for a shoot, or commission for prints etc.
Unidad26's avatar
I see does that man buy a book or  the models? still dont get it aha not use to see that on cosplay  info.
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
I think you misunderstood this... I photograph people and you can hire me as a photographer or order prints.

Also I don't photograph cosplay nor have anything to do with it.
Unidad26's avatar
I kind of get it now, so for example if i commision you that includes a model or is for a topic of a place?
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
Since I am a photographer you book me for shoots. Maybe you would want a cover for a book, or if you're a designer and wants images of your clothes. But if you want to book a model too, well that would be included in the price for the shoot.
Unidad26's avatar
Gets me very interested sr, i commision artist that do pin ups, but i rarely see this kind of offers here, i do not know the rates or types of setings that can be use for this.
dbones923's avatar
All of the women in your photographs are very beautiful (including you), but there's something special about the one above all in red.
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
They sure are! :) Ah thank you! glad you like
BritLawrence's avatar
Your work inspires me so much.. If I could I would purchase this shot _heels and latex. by Bloddroppe or this one _snowflake II. by Bloddroppe

I only have $20 though :[ comes to almost $50 something with shipping (i live in the US)

I will try to order them later on but I won't get the signatures if I do that will I?
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
Awesome ^^ Two of my favourites I must say!
Yeah :( The shippning cost is not cheap to the US, or anywhere unfortunately. 
The offer will last until March 31st, but after that it will end. We have no plans yet for another date, but I think it is nice so maybe towards autumn.
You can always order from Starfucked's etsy if you want afterwards to get her signature though. :)
BritLawrence's avatar
Of all the books that you've covered, is there one or two that are a a lot more popular than the others?  -The book itself, and I guess I am measuring popularity by number of book sales - (:

How long ago / what was your first publication? For any of your work?

Do they come to you or do you have to put your work out there first?
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
The first cover I got recognition from was 'Entangled' by Cat Clarke, I think it was back in 2010 or 2011. I also think that book a long with Night School has been most popular - at least what I have seen on the net. I do think the ones for Håkan Nesser and Mari Jungstedt have been quite popular too, but it is not my typical genre or not as published online though. But I have seen them in my local stores. :)

I should update that list since I have gotten more since last time. I have listed some of my photos on Trigger Image which is a photo agency, where I sell most of my covers.
Sometimes they come to me as well when they have seen an image they like. :)
SharpPhotoStudio's avatar
That 6th picture makes her look like a younger and possibly more attractive version of Angelina Jolie.  

As for me, I would buy prints of numbers 8 and 9.  She is quite the attractive young woman.  
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
I have gotten similar comments about Jolie before on her images, but personally I can't see it. Maybe because seeing her in person does not resembles as much, I don't know. :)
But yeah, she is! They are available :)
SharpPhotoStudio's avatar
I only see it in that one image, though I guess being around someone long enough would allow you to see someone differently or in a different light all together. 

Also, I have one in my browser on the purchase page.  I'm just waiting for my check to clear, and then I can purchase it.  
josefinejonssonphoto's avatar
Absolutely. :)

Awesome, and thanks for your support!^^
SharpPhotoStudio's avatar
My pleasure.  I should be purchasing them ASAP. 
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