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This image was created as the base for a website layout, which explains the weird composition.
It shows the X-Incubator. The X is the idea and the scientists around the table are the actual guys from the company who create this special ideas for their clients.
There are some Sci-Fi films hidden in there, how many can you spot? :D
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Fantastic work!
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it's doc brown!
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and i saw the teleports from the fly! muahhah
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Pretty cool looking picture.
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You're welcome.
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I hope one of them is not named Dave.
Will they have problems with their X life?

Looks great.
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Excellent image filled with to the brim with clean, detailed designs. Nice use of the sci-fi cameo's.

Very good.
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Amazing work !!
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Your artwork has been featured here:

:blackrose: [link]
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Wonderful - the lighting, the characters and all the hidden details... I love it! :D

What software did you use for this?
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ZBrush for modeling the characters and 3DSMax to create the rest and render.
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I see. Thank you for taking your time to elaborate! :cuddle:
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Chulisima!!!! me encanta el concepto y la realización. La caricaturización de los personajes se ve genial. Gran trabajo. ;)

Odisea en el espacio (HAL), Alien?, Avatar?, Soy Leyenda? Tron? The Fly?....ummmm no se mas :) jejeje
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"Matrix", "Tron", "2001 - Space Odyssey", "Back to the Future", "The Fly" :)
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I love it! :+fav: fave! :)
The blue X creature - this is something we must develop now for real! :D
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