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Boxing Blaineley vs Human Rarity

And now, for the 'Total Drama' vs humanized 'My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic' series...

Rarity beats up Blaineley, the former Celebrity Manhunt's host/reporter.
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Dec 21, 2014, 12:13:31 PM
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Go, Rarity go! Show that bimbo what you are made of!

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Class, Power and Greatness.

Rarity uses Blainley’s face as a punching bag as she waves to the crowd blowing kisses.

Blainley tries her best getting in shots, but a simple uppercut puts her lights out as a Rarity is declared the winner.
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Rarity ends as both the best boxer and the sexiest woman in the ring.
Rarity- let's see if your belly can handle another pounding. Rarity pummels blainley's stomach.
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And beats her up.
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Je nadie se mete con Rarity Jose.
Blainelee needs a clock cleaner
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HA! Take that, MILDRED! :D
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Blainley gets pummeled as Rarity is declared the winner.

Rarity-You should consider taking some classes, darling. You wouldn't have lost too badly.
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Blaineley is so injured she can't even reply.
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Velvet Cupcake: Wow, Rarity's owning this fight!

The cmc see Velvet Cupcake and Violet Sunlight's flanks. Apparently, they're's blank.
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The CMC gasp at this. They might need help.
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Violet Sunlight: *sees the cmc* Can we help you?

Velvet Cupcake: *watching the fight*
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Blossom- Sorry, we just noticed you have no cutie mark.
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Violet Sunlight: I'm still finding my talent. How does "stopping darkwater" sound?

Velvet Cupcake: *looks at a defeated Blaineley*
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Sweetie- Mmm.. sounds very original, no doubt.
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Velvet Cupcake: That'll be tough.
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Sweetie - Yes, you're right., but not impossible.
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