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Booster Gold vs Molten Man

And now, for the 'Justice Leaguer' vs 'Spiderman's enemy' series...

Michael Carter, aka Booster Gold, literally a man from the future, using hyper-advanced technology for super heroics... and profit, as he is, unfortunately, very infamous for being a glory hound who always looks for economical benefits; he had improved over time to become a real, competent hero... but wonder if that will be enough to face a man with invulnerable, flaming skin, plus enough strength to lift 40 tons, and a Science degree in chemical engineering, meaning he's not just physically strong but also quite smart.

Enter Mark Raxton, aka The Molten Man.
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Aug 19, 2012, 6:54:26 PM
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BoosteR: ...Skeets? Got any ideas?

Skeets: Well, he's creating a lot of heat. So in theory, we just need to wash him off with some high degree of water?