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I sometimes wonder how this game managed to beat out Elder Scrolls and Fallout as my top video game of all time so far. Is is the story? Yes. Is it the characters? Yes. Is it the setting of it being Post-Post-Apocalyptic? Yes. Is it the combat system? Yes, it's fairly easy to understand, between spear and bow, very easy. Is it the Lore that is scattered across the entire map? Very much so.

It's not that I don't like Elder Scrolls anymore, I do very much love Elder Scrolls still, always will. But Horizon: Zero Dawn brought so much of what I've been wanting that I never knew I wanted.

A well thought out protagonist that the game developers never put a thought into over sexualizing, Hell, the closest she gets to being sexualized isn't even sexual at all. And the fact she turns down every guy looking to get in her pants with such wit is the best thing to ever happen in a video game. With giving her a personality I really agree with to every situation she is put through. Even if you, the player, can decide in certain moments of what action you could take, whether it's though thought, compassion, or all out revenge. There is some sort of consequence or reward that soon follows. Aloy is by far one of my top female fictional characters, ALMOST.....almost topping out Princess Leia Organa. Yes, she's THAT good of a character.

The machines. Oh my GOD, the machines.... they work so damn well with the environment and the lore and the mechanics of HOW they work is so well done that it just literally blew me away.

The main quest AND side quests are so good, so few and very far between and connect so well with the environment that also help you discover the history of the world just to get a basic understanding of HOW the world went into a major apocalypse that ALMOST wiped out all life on Earth...

I definitely do believe, that this game should have won a lot more awards than it did... especially THE Game of the Year award but... whatever.

HAPPY 1st Anniversary Horizon: Zero Dawn and Guerrilla Games for making one of the BEST video games I have EVER played.


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James Reed
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I am James Theadore Reed, Jr.

Art is my trade: Writing; Science Fiction. Drawing; anime character profiles, dragons, traditional character profiles, maps, weapons (swords). Science Fiction Technical Architecture; spacecraft, planets, character profiles, weapons (any sort really). Traditional Architecture/Arcology.



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