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Warhammer 40k: Marneus Calgar and Honor Guard

The Ultramarines finally arrived, Marneus Calgar himself is leading the purification of this planet!

This is the sequel to my first WH40k picture:
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No Space Wolves Love?
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Courage and Honor!
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Very clean and epic work!  Although the scale of the image seems like the marines are all dwarfs in armor.
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Thanks and true, when I drew this, I stuck too much on the miniatures, today I'd do it differently. I still like the composition and stuff, but my painting skills were very limited back then! ;)
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Not bad...but the perspective makes the Honor Guard look like dwarves in power armor.
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And then the Swarmlord fucks their shit up and old Papa Smurf runs off with a Bone Sabre inches from his throat. Just like Maccrage.

However, good work. Very well done.
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superb, this image made me want to watch The Lord Inquisitor even more - - - by the way, you should consider drawing The Grey Knights, maybe it would even serve for the glory of this "upcoming" fan movie as official poster/promo image.
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always loved the appearance of the honor guard. FOR MACRAGGE
Question would the realm of Ultramar be considered Grimdark because as I recall its quite a nice place to live in and the Ultramarines just so happen to be nice to regular humans
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It's actually a pretty nice place but it may occasionally be attacked. the tyranids, Iron warriors, orks, tau, and others would like a piece of Ultramar so I would say its still dangerous and grim but much less than most areas of the galaxy.
You know as for the Tau guys attacking I bet they would be in huge surprise when they see how imperials could be so nice to their own people.(Ultramarines being nice) And find it really hard to force them into the Tau Empire and make it look like a Kick the Dog
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the Ultramarines and the Tau clash every now and then but generally I believe they work together more often then not
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good lord this is epic
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Thats amazing
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I like it :) looks great
The Primarch would be proud! Great work!
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It's nice to see Calgar's fanart. ))
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and thats where you start droping plasma canno tenplates
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great illustration
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GREAT 40k work! love the color and detail! more like this please!!
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very good work i like this
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I like the style reminds me of the artwork from the covers on the 2nd edition epic40k books
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aw yeah i have a set of those my self. :)
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