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WH40k - Principalis Portrait

This started as a paint over of my old Principalis Portrait, but soon became a new pic, I kept only the general pose.

She looks a bit like Elisha Cuthbert, that was not intentional and I didn't use a photo of her as ref :D
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Talk about femme fatale, Sororita style.
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Well done one the face!!
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You work is just stunning!!
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she looks just like one of my old mates ex-girlfriends (who I had a massive crush on)
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thx for permission to use your nice Artwork!
You can see the finished Cover here:…!

For everybody to explain:
INFERNO M41 is a fanproject of mine to create new and alternative Rules for Warhammer 40k.
Its currently german only, but after BETA is finished there will be english rules, too.
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Deadly, zealous, hottie;) (Wink)  
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Die englische Bezeichnung ist übrigens "Canoness", Principalis ist die Übersetzung von GW Deutschland ;)

Btw: schönes Bild, ich mag ihren angespannten Gesichtsausdruck.
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I need to go fap now.
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Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
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Wow sieht einfach Hammermäßig geil aus das Bild.
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I like it very much goodjob I'm new blood to the Warhammer series/lore clueless I just know Chaos=renegade space marines basically the simple stuff hehe but I do love the concept of the Sisters.
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looks really good
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The expression is golden! This is one of the best Sororita-portraits I've seen!
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So maybe you have used a photoreference for the fale and then got a little lost on the rest of the piece? (constructive critic) Anyways, I like it.
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I wouldn't call it lost, it's just that I put way more emphasis on the face, because the "goal" of this illustration was face practice and sadly I don't have that much time currently for privat stuff, so the rest is a little rushed.

Actually I used a couple of references and I always appreciate critique, thank you!
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Well, if you have achieved your purpose that´s excelent, I like this piece very much indeed.
sickoleman's avatar
Looks great....ready to purge heretics for her Emperor
Steinrabe's avatar
Really nice! Sororita at her best. :)
This really is the pure essence of a Sister, the expression, the demeanour, that glow of beauty that you know will tear you a new one without a second thought should you give her reason to... just simply put... this is a perfect portrayal.
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The,"I'm clearly so above you worms!" look of distaste.
Stunningly brilliant.
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i love the contemptuous sneer she has very Inquisition like:)
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I'm so happy that you can see it, I really tried to achieve exactly this expression :D

And thanks you all of you!
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