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WH40k: Darius and Zayel

By Jorsch
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This is a commission from aetheldeviant showing her OCs Darius and Zayel! It was a lot of fun to draw Warhammer stuff again, I can't wait to draw more of it ;)
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Great! To me they are also the characters that I like the most of WH40k, the strange servers of the Ordos, the Inquisitors, the witch hunters ... besides the Sisters of Battle. I have a multitude of metal and plastic miniatures of those types assembled and painted. Now I have abandoned WH40k and am painting old miniatures of Wolfens from Rackham from Confrontation, a french game with high quality minis, they are lead minis and they weigh a lot, but they are impressive.
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They are a cute couple
DarthMcBob's avatar
Very good looking.
SuperfrycookSB's avatar
Zayel looks like Mercy from Overwatch
athenapallas87's avatar
I love the details you put into this! You're an inspiration for how to keep working in more Warhammer 40k skulls everywhere. :D
heavenly777protector's avatar
Oy Those wings belong to Aurora of Cyriss GivmBack!
aetheldeviant's avatar
No! my model stole them fair and square! XD
Zayelmini by aetheldeviant
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Fun fact: those wings do exist in Warhammer 40k
Vrykolakas27's avatar
Where do they exist and do they exist in figurine form?
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amazingly done. great work
spitfire-panda's avatar
Those are some awesome wings!
evatheshyva's avatar
Wwwwaaauuuwww that is just awesome!! :D
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Whoa, amazing, i want to become like you  Meow :3 
marcusKean's avatar

very beautiful wings)
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You've really captured the WH40k feel with this piece. You really make them look as if they are part of the universe even if they are OCs. The grimdark atmosphere is there for the most part and the characters display that amount of zeal every WH character has. Great work.
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Thank you. In the beginning I was thinking of making their faces more grim/dark, but I didn't wanted to deviate too much from "my" style and I am pretty happy with the result! :D
aetheldeviant's avatar
I am glad you made the choice you did. I love your style.
SaneKyle's avatar
That's great! Keep up the awesome work!
SaneKyle's avatar
That's great! Keep up the awesome work!
thevampiredio's avatar
whoa!! fantastic work sir!!!! love her clockwork wings!:D
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