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Argent Tournament

By Jorsch
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A painting I drew recently, showing the Paladina Armuline and the daily routine of the Argent Tournament ;)
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Hi there; I'm Armuline, from the server Moon Guard, and I just wanted to give a bit of elaboration for this piece.

I initially won the opportunity to have a piece of artwork done by Jorsch through a server event that my World of Warcraft RP Realm, Moon Guard, was hosting. The Tournament of Ages, as it was called, hosted a variety of challenges and contests and among them was a Jousting tournament.

After several hours, copious amounts of alcohol, and a load of screaming, I wound up the winner of all of the bouts. When I was told about the commission, I decided that I wanted, most, to have artwork to commemorate the evening for everyone and not just myself. The male jouster's mechanostrider malfunctioning due to the intervention of two dwarves was a running jag amongst my friends. The various figures in the background were people that wound up in screen-shot references that I sent to Jorsch, as well. Some of them I've never even spoken to, but have had comments upon due to the nature of how alive it felt. 

Overall, I just want to say that this is, without a single doubt, one of the greatest pieces of artwork for me to ever see. I show it to my friends, I've kept it plastered as my computer desktop's background for over a year, now. I, also, keep it on multiple websites despite it not meaning a whole lot to them as a means of relativity.

Ultimately, I sincerely want to give a major thank you to Jorsch for the hard work he put into this, and for being an absolutely amazing person for having taken the time to deal with my crap. (Like not even knowing how Commission References really worked at the time, for instance.)

Truly, this is one of the absolute best things that I ever get to lay my eyes on, nearly every single day.
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JorschProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, I am speechless now! Thanks for the kind words! :)
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This is awesome!!! :D
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lifewarden21Student Digital Artist
Ohhhhhh, the flashbacks to WotLK! Very nice work!Clap 
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RadiantGloomStudent General Artist
So cool!!
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Amazing work :)
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LOL ;)
Very funny scene. I like the "oh great another sore loser" expression on her face. :)
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