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The weeping halls of sorrow.
Sorrow won't let me sleep and Silence drowns me as I weep, let all who find my last lights glimmer know, they are not the first nor last to tread in sorrows halls, and thou I have fallen let the last of my light guide you, and keep you true, let not our failings slow you path but become the mortar for your new road, let each slip be a lesson and each step a brick making a path forward from the weeping halls of sorrow.
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The Old Jade King
“Old winds carry my soul and old earth embrace my body, let our last cry be one of mournful victory as my life flows unto the land.
Let the tree's stand tall over my final rest as I go now to the unknown a final goodbye to the Kingdom, my home, let tales ring forth and the young judge me kind as this old Jade King leaves his people behind.”
:iconjormungandar:Jormungandar 1 1
Warhammer 40K OC
Name: Halgrin Scrollious
Homeworld: Battlefleet Calixis
Gender: Male
Career: Imperial Psyker
Rank: Sanctionite
Start Package: Living Nightmare
WS: 31 BS: 30
S: 39 T: 40
Ag: 36 Int: 36
Per: 25 WP: 44
Fellowship: 37 Wounds: 9
Fate Points: 3 Thrones: 51
Insanity Pts: 7 Starting XP: 100
Corruption Pts: 0
Build: Spindly Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Copper Eye Color: Violet
Age: 45
Quirk: You have spindly limbs.
Ship Tradition: War Ship
Divination: Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may judge what is sane.
Traits: Shipwise, Void Accustomed, Naval Lineage Skills, Close-Quarter Fighter, Officer on Deck, Sanctioned Psyker, Unreadable Mind
Basic Skills: Navigation (Stellar) (Int) (Shipwise), Pilot (Starcraft) (Ag) (Shipwise), Common Lore (Tech) (Int) (Nav. Lin. Sk.)
Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Ship Dialect) (Int), Speak Language (Battlefleet War Cant) (Int) (Nav. Lin. Sk.), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Psyniscience (Per)
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Satin Screams: Inside the mist.
See her deep inside the mist,
with those eyes you can not miss
see her deep inside the mist,
haunts my dreams every night,
satin screams in pail moon light,
see her deep inside the mist,
See her deep inside the mist,
with her claws that never miss,
see her deep inside the mist,
see her breath upon my soul,
see her teeth within my heart,
satin screams inside my mind,
See me deep inside the mist,
with my eyes you can not miss,
see me deep inside the mist.
:iconjormungandar:Jormungandar 1 1
Satin Screams:The Hunt
I felt safest right before I died.
The steel door defend me, stone walls protect me,
I felt safest right before I died.
She found me, the beast of satin screams,
I felt safest right before I died.
Calling and clawing she screamed and howled,
I felt safest right before I died.
The door held the wall stood,
I felt safest right before I died.
But I dreamed when she screamed,
I felt safest right before I died.
The door had fallen, the walls had crumbled,
I felt safest right before I died.
Now there is only the cold dark,
Because I felt safest right before I died.
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Satin Screams
The beast of satin screams.
I screamed, I fought but in the end it's claws sent me to the satin sleep, each night I fight only to lose and each time I lose it sinks my heart in its satin screams, binding and blinding, freeing a beast, and chaining me.
Now I’m screaming its lies, luring the dreamers with my satin screams, binding them, blinding them, stealing and sealing their hearts, locking them inside their darkest dreams with only my satin screams to keep their heart from waking.
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A guide to living with Meta-Humans.
A humans guide to living with Meta-humans.
Allot of people assume Meta's, superhero's or whatever you call them are these made of steel stoic hero's never showing fear and never being hurt by what people say or do, I can tell you now that is a complete and utter lie! hero's (and villains by extension) DO have feelings that can get hurt, they save the world time and again and get little more than “good job” or “thanks for the hard work” and when they come home from defeating Dr. Doom and Gloom(yes that is the name of a super villain) they have to spend the time in between fights trying to figure out how to pay for there rent (Unless you're the Super-Tramp) or where there next meal is coming from after all not every hero is a playboy/girl millionaire that never had to work a day in there lives, that is  where we come in, the moral support, the crusaders confidant (or screaming pillow whichever works for you). It's our job as “super supporters” to
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212th Falling Angels
We are the falling angels, we have earned our passage to the next life thrice fold but each time we reach the gates to paradise we turn back and descend from the heavens to smite all who stand before us!
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Tora: The little admirer
Wary sat on a short rock fence not far from his brothers who waited for him ready to leave. He felt something in his boots and before it could drive him crazy he had to get it out. Ah there it was, a tiny but sharp gravel ready to torture his feet all day long... As he got rid of the little intruder and put his boots back on he heard a faint voice from his right.
Looking up he glanced a little girl standing beside him. She was short and scrawny, wearing a funny shirt with a creature's drawing on it, her flaming red hair cut in a cute style. Her face showed clearly that she was embarrassed as her green eyes glistened uncertainly.
"Ehm... Can I help you little one?" asked Wary confused.
It seemed that the little girl's face reddened a bit more as her eyes darted to the ground, she then turned her head back looking behind herself. Wary saw that there stood a tall woman smiling warmly, surely her mother, who nodded encouragingly. Then the little girl turned back towards Wary pre
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ROD_XXVII by Wen-JR ROD_XXVII :iconwen-jr:Wen-JR 1,617 39


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