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Flores Latinas

What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity...

Finally, I've finished my first real first digital painting. Done in Painter.

I wanted to depict a common roman scene, as we could see in the world I've re/created, the roman world of the small city of Conimbriga, 2000 years ago. She is Clarisse, and he is Carbone, sister and brother. This is the moment before the fight that this gladiator have to make. If he win - better to say: don't lose his life - during three years on continuous battles, he earns the freedom, and therefore, will be able to buy is sister from their master.

This picture could be a wallpaper ;)

Don't ask me how long did it take me to draw this, I don't have a clue, but a lot of days.

EditMay 2005

I had this in mind for quite a long time now: to change a bit this pic. So, I changed many little details, did a recalibration of the lights and shadows, worked on a bigger format. I prefer now, it's better for my portfolio, and for a print too :)
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My friend, you post no more here! I would keep up more with your blog but my French is well... except for a few romantic words I can decipher, I'm dumb to French. Hope all is well for you.

Anyway, I was reading this deviation's description and feel compelled to write. Not sure when or where the story will go, but this work is superb for more than just the visual. I wish permission to use them (their name, more specifically) in a story that tells what happens before, during, and after his battle. (This, of course, is if they do not already have such.)
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I have a vague idea of what hapenned. I would love to read something about that, an other perspective will be great. And yes, i'm not posting any new art, because I don't have any new art. Is kind of sad, but i do have to much work now... and lack of motivation.

But i will do something. thanks for waiting, osyris, you are one of my oldest friends at dA, i'm really gratefull for that :)
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Hopefully my work might help you in that regard. Thank you for the opportunity. I cannot say when it will be done but it should be a good short story. May the gods watch over you and inspire you to new heights. Let the virgin sacrifices begin!
yA .. Lots of days ...

imagino que sim ...

Vale a pena ver os dias que estão ai traço a traço .....
É preciso paciencia e ter calo .. estigma de verdadeiro artista para isso .......

Mas sem duvida que meu jovem trintão .... xD
Tu estás a melhorar ......
A olhos vistos ...

os meus parabens rapás !

Força ai !

Fico de olho em ti tá.

RPGSI Studio Admin
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Really beautiful, and you put so much emotion in it. Their facial expressions are just wonderful.
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Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)
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I love the hair and the eyes and the lighting is enchanting here. Painter it is??? *suddenly wishes she had money to spend* I love your attention to detail, and that you paint the whole picture, including a background. That takes real care and attention and patience, which I suspect that a lot of dA artists don't have. ^^
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This one was one of my very firsts done in Painter, before that it was in photoshop. Well, You could always try the demo version of painter, I think, they give a 30 days trial at their site (I don't know if it's still the case).
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I'm using photoshop. I might look to see if I can find it.
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Photoshop is really a good software also, but for a guy like me used to more traditional techniques, Painter was really what I needed: the oil brush it's fantastic :)
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I agree. I'm a painter by nature too, and I will never stop using the oil paint brush... Even if I only use it ones or twice a year. ~_^ It's funny, i use photoshop like I paint. I just use the layers tool and start coloring as if the mouse were a brush. lol.
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Ok changed my mind since you have so many amazing Roman pieces :) I'll feature this one instead of the DD. You're amazing, carry on!
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Superbe dessins *o*
J'adore ^o^
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A imagem está linda mesmo :D e começas o teu artist comment com a minha citação favorita por isso EXCELENTEEEE :D :+fav: :D
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Também és fã do gladiador? :hug: obrigado :D
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MTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mesmo :D :hug: e tu mereces :D
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je sais pas si je te lavais dit masi j adore ton style :)
lineart et colo et compo sont top :)
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'Tis a great submit, yet do you develop into the final product? Like do you had sketch the linage first, or you just start it all in photoshop or something?
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I draw on paper, I scan, and colour it with painter and photoshop, that's all ^^
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the detail is incredible
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really really really goooooooooood!!!! congrats
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