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Well, when i get the game at a 70% done.

I will get down to the nuts and bolts were a child needs to go.

For now, l'll probably Target the battles phase.

The boy's diaper would change to blue from yellow to blue.

Well, I called the blueprint a wet tool. It only works on the Babys, Toddlers, Or kids that has diapers.

But that's a long time before ever get to this phase. It's going to be a lot of work to make it work for a baby character.

People will see that the baby is more lifelike.

Like I said, it's long time before ever work on that.

For the baby girl, I don't think she has a line on her diaper. So i will just make her diaper turn little dark.

Indicating she's gone, and she's about to lose the battle.

But i would start with the baby boy first. Before I get to the girl.

It's like the baby is a Wet doll. LOL

Everyone will love having a baby that wets itself in the game.

But for now. It in a battle phase for now.

Like i said, I haven't started on this blueprint right now one day i will.

I know it makes you so excited and hearing this and more exciting to see that.

Great. I was wanted to do this in my writing long time ago. In Google Plus. When i was a teenager wanting to make a child do that.

Sneak Peek Of Character Creation.

You play as a Baby, Toddler, Or Kid In The Real Dream World. More Soon

Sheak Peek
Working on a Character creation

Thank you so much for the Gold Coin BadgesBig bow

You're welcome.

Thanks for the gold coin badges!

Sure. You're welcome have a good one.