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I've neglected my deviantart account for too long. Time I get active again. So I updated some stuff I did since I was gone. Expect a lot more can't be arsed to upload all the old stuff so I'll just focus on uploading work right after I get it done.

And I am currently looking for freelance work. So feel free to contact me (:

contact   @   jordyknoop   .   com   (remove spaces)
  • Listening to: Incubus
  • Reading: The legend of Drizzt
  • Watching: Solomon Kane
  • Playing: Skate it
  • Eating: Peanuts
  • Drinking: Water
My name is Jordy Knoop I'm 16 year old and currently located in the netherlands. I'm on a billengual pre-university education so bassicly half my classes are in english instead of the regular dutch classes.
As a kid I loved to make comics and when i was around 10 i published my first comic at a publisher for kids. See here for some info about my old comic books.
After i finished 2 books i opened the website with a comic bud of mine. We managed to update our daily webcomic for almost a year. The website is currently being used by other talented comic kids and every one can send in a comic.
At the age of 15 i got into modding and not much after that I joined an indy game company called legend rpg. I worked on the project for 3/4 year were I learned a hell of a lot about concept art. After the project I focused on learning more fundamentals about drawing and am currently commisioning.

Good to be on deviantart will update my gallery with new stuff throughout the week.

Also see my looking for work thread:…