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Nitrogen Cursors for Windows

Complete pack, although I might add alternate busy cursors.

Meant to complement a dark Oxygen Theme or dark Vista theme.
Linux version to come soon!

Created using Inkscape(and ConversionSVG for batch conversion), and RealWorld Cursor Editor.

If you really want to have different colours, get the SVGs ([link]) and do it yourself, make a script that changes all instances of the blue color(#0176ff) to whatever color you want.
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absolutely beautiful. love this !

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Ummm, Am I missing something or is there no .ini installer file in this ZIP?
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cool and awesome. Thanks for this.
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One question. How do you change the colour to one of the ones shown on the picture?
Or do you have to do it your self, by using the method above, scripting?
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how much longer till the Linux version is availiable?
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I made these like 6 years ago. These days, I'm happy enough with gnome's default cursors. You can use the source svgs:… .

It's unlikely, but I might throw this up on arch's AUR at some point.
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can you teach me how to make these ???please !!!
am i that dumb were is the link i dont see it
were is the link to get it
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This is awsome keep it up
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Kind of like a...Lucifer
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I love it,really cool :)
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is cool i download :-)
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you click download,once it is done downloading go to your downloads and extract the files..Once you have done that go to mouse properties on your start menu and look for the cursors
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MAN !!! how to install this ???
Selecting 1 by 1 is very boring and difficult
^^' Sorry.. Euh.. i don't know how to download them ^^' I click on ''download file''.. Bu When i clik on ''Open'' or ''Download'' Nothing Change. ^^' Somebody can help me?
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yep good thanks
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>w< using them, so cool!
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That's really nice! thanx!
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