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I've long hesitated before doing this but here I go!

Before you go further, please take into account that any commission will be made using my newest artwork style, what you'll see below may differ from the style you'll get as they're (for the major part) old.
PayPal only, no points commissions.

Here's the process :
  • Send me a note and we'll sort everything out.
  • This is the part where you tell me what type of drawing you want, if you want shading, also tell me if you want another resolution for the drawing. (My canvas is usually 2000x2000)
  • I'll sketch something until you're satifised, $5 for the sketch and the rest is paid when it's done.
  • I message you on completion and after receiving the payment I'll transfer the commission to you!
  • I may ask you if I can publish it to deviantArt.

    Sketch - $5 (add + $2 for shading, add +$2 for each additional character)

Raiders extraordinaire (Sketch) by Jordo7625 essential expressions challenge (Sketch) by Jordo76Gossip (Sketch) by Jordo76Commission: Wildcard on a T-80BV by Jordo76

    Colored Sketch - $8 (add +$2 for shading, add +$2 for each additional character, unicolor /gradient background added if requested)

Raiders extraordinaire (Colored sketch) by Jordo76Winged! by Jordo76DILeak birthday by Jordo76

    Lineart - $10 (add +$5 for each additional character)

Annoying start (Lineart) by Jordo76

    Lineart+flat color - $15 (add +$5 for shading, add +$5 for each additional character, unicolor/gradient background added if requested)

Annoying start (Lineart+Color w/shading) by Jordo76Gossip by Jordo76Squishing cheeks by Jordo76

    Lineart+flat color w/ background - $25 (add +$5 for shading, add +$5 for each additional character)

Annoying start by Jordo76


I accept OCs on both drawings and puppets (So long as you've a reference and a cutie mark if the character has one).

Current slots :

In hopes you'll commission me!

Hi watchers,

I've figured out it's been a while since my last journal and it couldn't fully explain the delays, so I just had the idea of listing all of the projects I am involved in or was involved in, it'll be updated if a project is done, or I've quit the project or I've been fired (:C).

Current Projects

-= True-Tail - Puppet Rigger =-

Current Animations

-= Little Skit - Currently : Animation =-

Projects on Hold

Finished Projects/Animations

-= Double Rainboom - Puppet Rigger =-
- = Sunrise Surpise - Animator = -
-= Hell Hath No Hoagie - Puppet Rigger/Animator =-
-= Azadae - Puppet Rigger =-

Howdy !

As of recently you may have noticed i'm not releasing puppets as often as I normally do and there is a reason for this, i've been asked to join a project and I accepted, it's name is "Hell Hath no Hoagie" and it's awesome !
Please don't panic, this does not mean I will never upload puppets/animation again, this mean it'll take more time.
I'm definitely trying to create a 300 watchers special as a small animation loop.

In the meantime, check out HHnH :

Stay tuned !
Hello everypony !
As my memory can no longer keeps track of Puppets i'm working on i've decided to create my puppet to-do list as a journal on deviantArt.
This journal entry will be updated and will keep growing as i add more puppets.
You can also find the status of some puppets i've started working on here.
Don't forget to suggest puppets in the commentaries below.

       Puppets to-do :
  -Big Macintosh [Very Early stage]
  -Secret puppet [Early Profile]
  -Babs seed [Early 3Q]
  -Royal Guard [Need 3Q+Profile]

  -Carrot Top [Not started yet]
  -Princess Cadence [Not started yet]
  -Wildfire [Not started yet]
  -Rose [Not started yet]
  -Cheerilee [Not started yet]
  -Mare Do Well [Not started yet]
  -Parasprite [Not started yet]
  -Shining Armor (+ Mini Puppet)[Not started yet]
  -Nurse Redheart [Not started yet]
  -Adult CMC [Not started yet]
  -Fillies (Spitfire, etc...) [Not started yet]
  -Diamond tiara & Silver spoon [Not started yet]
  -Cloudchaser [Not started yet]
  -Snips & Snails [Not started yet]
  -Night Guard [Not started yet]
  -Doctor Stable [Not started yet]
  -Neon Lights [Not started yet]
  -Zecora [Not started yet]
  -Braeburn [Not started yet]
  -Lightning Dust [Not started yet]
  -Blank Template Pony [Not started yet]
  -Star Hunter [Not started yet]

  -Spike [On hold]
  -Fleur de Lis [On hold]
  -Fancypants [On hold]
  -Discord & other villains [On hold]

      Puppets to update :
  -Trixie : Better eyelashes + New Layout [>25%]

      Puppets to fix :
  -Filly Mane 6 Puppet Rigs [Not started yet]
  -Spitfire [Not started yet]

      List of Puppets : -Rainbow Dash -Twilight Sparkle -Rarity -Applejack -Pinkie Pie -Fluttershy -Octavia -Vinyl scratch -Berry Punch -Bon-Bon -Colgate -Derpy -Lyra -Spitfire (DILeak) -Spitfire (Jordo76) -Trixie -Filly Mane 6 -Daring Do -Photo Finish - Princess Celestia - Princess Luna - Filly Luna & Celestia

Above is a collection of links to differents puppets, not all are made by me.
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Hello again deviantArt, this a part of my life i'm revealing to you and to announce that my deviantArt will become the host of my pony animations in the near future.

Long ago i used Flash, tried to do a couple "tribute" flash from a series of animations i liked : Madness Combat.
After a couple of fails, i saw my work from a different angle and it was bad to my eyes, also there was some procrastination issues.
I stopped using flash and i said to myself to never use it again because i sucked so much.
That was from 2007 to 2010.
In 2011 i saw the work from a friend of mine (Teknibaal, check him out he's awesome) and it gave me hope to draw ponies, when i had a drawing tablets in my hands i started drawing and again, looked at my drawings and saw it sucked, also there was (again) Mr. Procrastination.
And just a few days ago, i saw the most beautiful tutorial on the internet, the puppet tutorial by flamingo1986, for the two hours straight i was looking at this, and i was not bored one second, i even had fun looking at him doing all the sounds effects and stuff.
So i said to myself, that destiny ! You used flash and a drawing tablet, it was meant to prepare you for doing pony animations.
I started right away and had a couples of friends (Teknibaal and Maskagaz which are awesome friends) to do the critics.
I had so much fun just doing this little animation test, creating a serious Pinkie made me laugh and i think that the way i need to go.
That is how my deviantart will become the host of my animations which i hope won't be disturbed by Mr. Procrastination and school.

If you just readed this until the end, thank you.
Have a nice day and stay tuned.
And don't forget to criticise my first animation !