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Krisis in Korneria page 8

Page 8! Yeah, it took a while, but I'm working on 3 pages at once, lemme alone!
Bucky o Hare copyright Larry Hama, Star Fox is copyright Nintendo, yada yada yada like anyone cares.
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I wonder how long till the toads make an offer to o'Donnel and Starwolf? Righteous indignation would have real trouble fighting of a squad of Wolfens!
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Just a random question but upon rereading this page I have to ask...why can't the toads do both? Conquer Genus AND go through the wormhole? Surely their empire is huge enough to divide it, with one focusing on Genus and the other going through to Fox's dimension, and once they have taken over Genus, reinforcements can be sent through the wormhole as needed.

Toadborg never seems to think these things through. This is comparable to him insisting upon uploading the satellite clearance codes into himself, rather than the ship's computer, in the third episode. When the Air Marshall (rightly) points out that should anything happen to Toadborg, the mothership will be helpless, Toadborg's only response is, "Then you'd better hope nothing happens to me."

I'm assuming this is intentional but for all his supposed genius, Toadborg is really being an imbecile here. He absolutely sucks as a tactician.

Still, great story and wonderful art, as always.
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Oh my god, Buckey 'O Hare was one of my favorite shows growing up! And Starfox is always awesome!

Amazing work, I can't wait for the next page! ^_^
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Wow, your comic is just great!
Can't wait to see more!
Keep up the good work!^^
Oh man, this is GREAT. This is precisely what I've been looking for in all my years as a member of the Star Fox fandom. I can't wait to see what happens next. :D
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very cool idea. i love both starfox and bucky o'hare yet this never crossed my mind.
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I like the backgrounds in this comic. Your color choices and your shading is a treat too.
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Hooray for Frix and Frax!
You made the Air Marshall more evil looking that I have him in minde and the dialogue is beter in this one
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Great colouring and linework! Interesting: So the bad guys are not initially joining forces...
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Excellent plot development. I love how you draw Toadborg!
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ohhh the plot thickens... *waits patiently*
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