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ChangeLog 1.4
Added four new themes
Fixed a couple bugs that didn't let themes work well
Listen player support (by Cesc)

ChangeLog: 1.3
Fixed Rating Bug
Added QuodLibet Player (By Daniel Ribeiro)

ChangeLog: 1.2
Fixed Themes BUG
Added player controllers!
Added Rhythmbox support

ChangeLog: 1.1
Middle click shows the lyrics
New themes added

Blog: [link]
WebPage: [link]
WebPage2: [link]


New version! now with lyrics download support! just middle click on the cover and the lyrics will appear, to close it, double click the lyrics window!!

To move the window (cover and lyrics) just alt+click them and drag :D

You can set the theme, start position in usigin the

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I get a terminal error when running those commands to install:

Error reading [link] HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Any other way of installing this?
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Awesomeness. Great Job, I'm loving it already!
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Cool app! Keep up your wonderful work!!!
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks!!! of course I will
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SansanaProfessional Interface Designer
this is great! looks really slick :)

btw. could you share this wallpaper of yours?
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
Uff.. I don't have it anymore.. I remember i found it here in DA.. searching for aurora wallpaper.. if I find it again I'll tell u!
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How can I enlarge the background? When I have long song/album titles it becomes messy. Thanks for all the great work on this!
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
estas utilizando la última version? la 1.7? porque diria que allí ya esta solucionado

la pudes instalar desde el ppa:gloobus-dev/covergloobus

Nos vemos!
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I can't seem to install this, help? Is there a PPA?
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:covergloobus
sudo apt-get install covergloobus
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still can't install this globus..
btw..what the icons name? or where I can download it?
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Hey I was wondering where you got the images for the vinyl theme from. Or did you make them yourself? I think the "No Cover" image is a little bland, and I'm seeing it a lot because I've got lots of obscure internet rips and unreleased remixes.

I'd like to change it so that it shows the LP beneath it. I tried using the noSong image, but it's very difficult because the sizes of the LPs don't quite match and it has a transparent layer of gray over it.

Any help would be appreciated. Other than that, this is a great utility. Keep up the good work.
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
you can rename the nocover to nosong and it will show the other then, you need to modify the xml a bit to get it to the right position...

Tell me if you don't get it ;)
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Hey, im trying to get the covers to work with exaile, i created a dbus function in exaile to return the cover path, and it does actually return the cover path in the form of: file:///file/here
But the problem is... CoverGloobus doesn't show the cover anyway... Could that be because CoverGloobus can't handle file:// ?
d0od's avatar now diverts to [link]. it keeps the same format of artist:track_name etc but i can't get it to work with covergloobus :(

Also to people who don't know how to close covergloobus - just click on it and then hit ALT+Q. :)
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks I've changed it and performed some improvements ;) I'll release next version this week!
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Excuse me, but I want to know, How can I modify the lyrics source ?, becouse, I listen BM, Goth, Dark, etc, so that's pretty under ground and the current source don't works for me, I want to change it by or something like that.

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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
It's a little complicated, it needs to load the specific adress depending on the artist and song title and then find the specific part of the page where the lyric is. There is the where the code is.
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How do I close CoverGloobus without issuing killall?
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
Pressing on it and then pressing ESC key
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No luck, I'm afraid. Tried that before along with something that was suggested on a Ubuntu blog, pressing space twice I think it was.

I just downloaded it again and tested pressing ESC, but still no luck. Also, the rating stars don't seem to work when I click on them, but maybe that has to be done in the player itself and isn't a feature of covergloobus?
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JordiHPHobbyist Digital Artist
about ESC maybe I've it in my version but I haven't uploaded it yet, about the starts in covergloobus, it just shows them, no option to controll them (By now!!)
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Ahh, no prob. Looking forward to the new version. :)
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