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ChangeLog: 1.3
Fixed Rating Bug
Added QuodLibet Player (By Daniel Ribeiro)

ChangeLog: 1.2
Fixed Themes BUG
Added player controllers!
Added Rhythmbox support

ChangeLog: 1.1
Middle click shows the lyrics
New themes added

Previous Version: [link]
Blog: [link]
WebPage: [link]
WebPage2: [link]
Gloobus-Preview: [link]


New version! now with lyrics download support! just middle click on the cover and the lyrics will appear, to close it, double click the lyrics window!!

To move the window (cover and lyrics) just alt+click them and drag :D

You can set the theme, start position in usigin the

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How do you install this? I have gloobus-preview installed already.
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this has no installation, you just decompress it and run if you can't, give it exectution permisions (right click->;properties).

You can configure the with covergloobus-configure (if you can't give it execution permissions ;))

Let me know if it works for you!
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Great app! The closest thing to Cad in linux so far. Is it possible to add a progress bar to the themes?
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I would like to add it, I hope in the next version is available,
Anyway, now I'm concerned in gloobus-preview [link]

I'm sure you'll like it!
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posting also here:
hi! i have a little problem:
i’ve got no way to remove the shadow box that appears under all the themes artwork…
so i cant have covergloobus transparence…
any hint?

ps: i’m using xcompmgr with openbox in ubuntu jaunty… instead of compiz…
if i remove the transparence i can see a dark black square under the cover…
that’s all =(
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Allister! :love:

Just a question, how do you get it to close without having to use system monitor?

I'd love to get the preview Gloobus to work as well... but it never seems to!
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just click space!!!!!!!
it's designed to be fast so space bar is the best chose!!
I'll add it to the readme!!
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Ha - awesome! I tried every key bout that one yet it's the most obvious! Doh!
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Sure! take a look at the blog and you'll see the news about the project!1

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Strangely, i can't change the theme, only two of them work (lucid-dark & BadChoice), whit the others it looks invisible.

This is the Console output:
#Theme path: /home/v1ncent/Desktop/CoverGloobus/Themes/iSticky
#Theme: iSticky
#Loading AlbumCover xml info
#Traceback (most recent call last):
#File "/home/v1ncent/Desktop/CoverGloobus/", line 145, in expose
#AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'set_text'
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You're right! When I added Rythmbox support I changed something that I wouldn't :P

I've uploaded the fixed version!

x-v1ncent-x's avatar
Thanks, it looks very nice =D
You did a very good job... By the way, VLC support would be nice.
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Thanks! does vlc play audio?
x-v1ncent-x's avatar
0.0 Of course it plays audio!
- - - -
I've also noticed that the font of the lyrics box looks kinda odd: [link]

Even though i have 'Lucida Grande' installed... Or maybe it supposed to look like that?
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Thats my fault, cause I don't calculate the dimensions correctly, I think I give like 0.2 more for line.. so when there are not so many lines it's ok, but when there are more... happen what you pointed out!

I'll check it and post the solution!! and take a look at vlc dbus bindings ;)
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is that awn on the bottom? if so can you point me to the theme? it looks awesome!
JordiHP's avatar
I found it in gnome-look but I can't remember where exactly.. if I foun it againt I'll tell you!
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