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I got a request from :iconchuchujelly2000: to upload a screenshot of Vahl's new "battle look," so I thought, why not? So I got in the game and set up a "photoshoot." Of course... once I started snapping pics I couldn't stop. Long story short it's after 4am and I am still up... But this idea had to be finished right away! It's basically the evolution of Vahl's wardrobe and armory. XD :skyrim: 

-Obvious photoshop crop is obvious.
-As I was taking these pics, Poet kept getting in the shot...
-I didn't intentionally try to make Vahl's surroundings become more and more gloomy as she progressed, it just worked out that way. Last one looks like she's in jail... LOL
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lucybellrocks|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's always been so pretty, even when she started out in that stupid boat with those boring clothes.
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AussieRoadkill|Hobbyist Digital Artist
*drawing Vahl* damn, them eyebrows tho
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ShadowArtBassist2|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah. Jail for Vahl! Not really. She deserves to run around and kick serious Monster BUTT! Honestly, It's awesome. BY the way, Venturiantale, Please bring back Qeios. I died when you stopped.... I'm a ghost right now. Until you all bring Qeios back, I will be not be Back From The Dead!!!!!  Please.
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ChicaTheChick101's avatar
ChicaTheChick101|Student Filmographer
Ok, just because I don't have a profile picture, I still REALLY REALLY like you and your videos...
Not just your videos, but you wonderful people too.run.... :love: 
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Captainventurian's avatar
Omg vahl  I miss skyrim
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Noivoom|Hobbyist Writer
I just got around to watching the last skyrim tale episode and it made me sad that its over :( the ending was very dramatic and you made a very good speech about Lydia's death and the end of the tale.

my brother and I first discovered you with the mewthree ragdoll mod in the Mario map. after that we really got into watching your videos. YOU ARE SO AMAZING I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW AWESOME YOU ARE!!!!... you have no idea how long I've been wanting to say that to you.
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endernik's avatar
I like the first vahl the best. She is so bright and colorful. Middle is when she is strong and warrior-like. And the end is when she is the queen of skyrim.
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holmesian1891|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I found something very interested about Vahl's name.  When translated from Draconic, it means "your Spring".
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Jordan, you should go outside more. Real life doesn't look that beautiful.
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CrissyTheFireWarrior|Student Traditional Artist
can i say "fos ro dah"?
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CrissyTheFireWarrior's avatar
CrissyTheFireWarrior|Student Traditional Artist
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PlayerDerp's avatar
PlayerDerp|Student Photographer
Vahl is so pretty!
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sallyxslender|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I still miss Vahl and Poet and everyone in a skyrim tale. And yes A Fallout tale is now being filmed. But it isn't the same.
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Doctorshak10|Student Digital Artist
vahl has changed
her looks alot lately
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JoshuaTheWarrior's avatar
Dude that armor is so cool man. Hey You Should try morrowind
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venturiantalefan667's avatar
venturiantalefan667|Student Digital Artist
i like vahl
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Thea-Stark's avatar
Thea-Stark|Hobbyist Writer
Just finished a Skyrim tale, it was very emotional! You should do one of these for each character!
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Ethonoris's avatar
the only thing I thought was strange about vahl was that she joined the stormcloaks even though ulfric stormcloak is super racist against all races except nords, and especially racist against dark elves. :| (Blank Stare) 
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BlackFlower009's avatar
BlackFlower009|Hobbyist Filmographer
awsom i love Vahl. i wish i was like her but less vilent. how about you do somthing like this but with lydia.
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vahl in all of her glory
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lulucat816634's avatar
I miss vahl
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MissOcarina|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is so cool!
:tears: i miss a skyrim tale so much!
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GokuXvegetaFriends's avatar
Awsome! Hey, is it alright if I wright a fanfiction on Vahl's adventures and is it okay if I base my character on Skyrim like Vahl and give her the same name?
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